NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — On the eve of the 2016 presidential election, CBS News contributor Bob Schieffer said he had never seen a campaign like the one this year – and he didn’t mean it in a positive way.

“I have seen a few, but I’ve run out of ways to say I’ve never seen one like this. It’s as if the nation is enduring some kind of curse,” Schieffer said on the CBS Evening News Monday. “What should we expect next – that it will rain frogs? I wouldn’t bet against it.”

Schieffer said this election stands out in numerous negative ways.


“We tend to call every election the most important of our lifetime, but this one might well be. Those of you who are voting for the first time, take it from me – this election is not business as usual,” Schieffer said. “This one is different – and not in a good way. Most elections believe we’re headed in the wrong direction; the world is a more dangerous place. And yet, the government is in such gridlock that it took Congress longer to approve money to find a vaccine for the Zika virus than it took the founders to write our Constitution.”

Schieffer noted that many Americans neither like nor trust Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, and that 82 percent of Americans find the campaign “disgusting.”

“The country seems at a turning point, but the divide over where to turn seems wider than ever,” Schieffer said. “Perhaps we can at least agree on one thing – the first task of whoever is elected must be to repair the damage that’s been done by this campaign to the good name of our country.

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  1. “Schieffer On Election Eve: It’s As If The Nation Is Enduring Some Kind Of Curse’”

    Yeah and Schieffer’s the curse.

    1. phxfreddyii says:

      Well you beat me to that rather obvious and way good retort!

    2. TC Templeton says:

      Curse indeed Mr. Schieffer, but the curse isn’t Donald Trump, the uneducated white people, the racists, the sexists or any other leftist pejorative you so quickly and condescendingly launch like spit wads at those of us who make modern civilization possible. No Mr. Schieffer, it’s the 100 years of marching toward globalism and authoritarian collectivism on behalf of the elite banksters that you and your fellow treasonous professional liars have facilitated.

      Your information cabal lied about the USS Maine, The Felony Reserve, The Lusitania, The Balfour Declaration, The Holomodor, Pearl Harbor, The JFK assassination, The Gulf of Tonkin, WTC7, among many, many others. You’ve helped start wars that killed millions of people. You’ve promoted poisonous social engineering programs. You’ve helped make the rich richer, the poor poorer and put the concept of liberty and a great constitutional republic in grave danger.

      I’ve personally heard more than enough from the mainstream media and I will sincerely enjoy watching your organizations wither and die. It will be a better world.

    3. Schieffer just soiled his Depends® undergarments. He is just another decrepit fossilized media hack in denial, & candidate for the 2016 Alzheimer’s Poster Boy. Trump will keep shaking the tree to dislodge the self-serving parasites that think they are the world’s elite. Get a grip on yourself, Schieffer. Citizens have had enough of your nonsense. Your playbook doesn’t work anymore…….

  2. joechute says:

    journalism has failed us, time to hang the journalist

    1. That will be difficult as journalists have been extinct for a long long time. They went the way of the Passenger Pigeon.

      1. Which bothers me. I’ve never seen a passenger on a pigeon, so what’s up with that?

        1. It’s an extinct species

        2. John Edwards says:

          To Chris Rene Marrou: I think what he meant to say was “carrier pigeons.”

  3. Bob Suyak says:

    The curse = dishonest media, like this guy. Liberal media are not the vanguard of liberty, but a tool of the democratic party.

  4. Another bland say-nothing statement by a so-called journalist that hasn’t reported anything valid for decades. He’s right about one thing, we have been under a curse: the Clintons, a giant federal bureaucracy, corrupt agencies in the pocket of Clinton like the FBI and the Justice Department (and EPA, FDA, BLM, CDC, DARPA, etc. etc. etc.) and last but not least, a lying mainstream media that is no longer the Fourth Estate, Trump will drain the swamp, and it’s highly infested with anti-American GARBAGE.

  5. Enduring Bob Schiefer and his pompous attitude is like hell on earth

    1. Almost but not quite as bad as having to listen to Hillary screech a speech to us.

  6. Jihad Joe says:

    Schieffer says the country wants change…there is only one change candidate running.

  7. Mark Smith says:

    Bob Schieffer is a sanctimonious piece of socialistic dung.

  8. The candidates offer a crystal-clear choice: capitalism vs. socialism. It’s CBS and the rest of the msm that bring shades of Frankenstein into the arena.

  9. Paul Tibbets says:

    Hey CBS New York you need to start, deleting our posts because the people are not buying your bs.

    The truth is coming out too much in the comments here, we need more free speech police

  10. Mike Marich says:

    Schiefer is just another liberal masquerading as a journalist, as they all do today. He is a complete and utter moron who loves chairman Obama. CBS is loaded with liberal socialists who just love their cushy Manhattan lifestyle and want all of us dumb sheep to just eat their crap.

    1. Paul Tibbets says:

      Yep, Sheryl Akitsons is a true jouranlist, and she was doing stories about the Obama WH, real stories that needed to get out.

      Funny, her computer was hacked and she was intimidated, since the stories did not reflect well on our glorious leader.

  11. Mcs Vette says:

    when was the last Republican nominee traded negative punches with dirty liberals… toe to toe? I don’t remember any… That is why it appears so negative, when in fact, every election would have looked like this, if prior Repub nominees had any balls to fight through the finish…

  12. phxfreddyii says:

    Give me a break. Does none of these empty headed urinalists ever pick up a history book?

    Ok this election is a little different but not much. This is nothing compared to some that have passed.

    1. Historically speaking the US citizenry is equal to that of the German citizenry between 1931 and 1941. Look at what happened to them and their quality of life by 1945.

  13. Daniel Houck says:

    I am 72 years old and have never seen the degree of media bias and corruption we’ve seen here. Regardless of the outcome I will never believe another word from you, Bob, or any of the rest of you. The label of SeeBS for your employer is accurate and well deserved. You should all be ashamed but I don’t think any of you have a clue just how dirty you are.

    1. Jim Stewart says:

      ha ha ha ha SeeBS that great … I will be spreading that one around. Hats Off Sir!

    2. Wyatt Taylor says:

      I can’t believe they keep that old hack around! Never was a good reporter.

  14. SCREW CBS, This ESTABLISHMENT media has created the division. I hate them.

  15. Jim Stewart says:

    Yes you are right …. heel the damage from the campaign; step one — fire, socially ostracise the corporate media and their agents (talking head propagandists) that sold out their responsibility to the U.S.A. citizens ….for? Still haven’t figured that out :-/

  16. The media are the frogs….ribbit ribbit ribbit for .the democrats!

  17. Did Schieffer yell at all the kids to get off his lawn?

  18. Hey Schieiffer, Shut the hell up. You had 8 years to speak up and you didn’t You could have used your platform to expose the corruption that permeates Hillary’s soul and you didn’t. Sitting there wringing your hands and saying “Alas…Alas…” at this late date is worse than doing nothing. So shut up you phony….you fraud.

    1. Paul Tibbets says:

      This is not an election about the lessor of two evils. This is an election about the rule of law and pure evil. If you think the rule of law should die and love evil then you are with her. May God have mercy on your soul.

      Love that Lady Gaga Nazi out fit, I’m with Hitlery!

    2. Jim Stewart says:

      ON THE MONEY !!! At the very least, let’s not let these propagandists continue to spew their culturally Marxist (PC) rhetoric (for the snowflakes…that means, something said for the effect/affect that is not necessary true).

  19. tngilmer says:

    There will not be any damage to repair if Trump wins. Most of the Clinton supporters have declared they will be leaving the USA if Trump wins. If only they were not lying.

  20. Scheiffer is partially correct. Our once great nation has experienced the Obama curse for the last nearly eight years and the Clinton curse for far too long. Only a far-left Gruberite would feel cursed by a pro-American candidate like Trump.

  21. It has nothing to do with the campaign but everything to do with the last eight years of this president.

  22. Don Graves says:

    Not to mention the damage done to our nation by a biased media, huh, Schieffer?

  23. God Rains on Hillary as She Keeps on Croaking…

    What next? Frogs, Gnats, Flies, Locusts, Boils, Plague…

  24. ohandy1000 says:

    It’s disgusting because the media is so dishonest. Hillary has exponentially more questionable acts in her history than Trump but the media goes to dinner with her campaign and come out with the same criticisms of Trump. It’s a monolithic opposition to Trump with only social media and alternative sources giving the truth about her.

  25. chuckyschmucky says:

    Schieffer is as just as much of a partisan hack as anybody else in the corrupt leftwing media.

    The MOST disgusting thing about this election — far more than the candidates — has been the leftwing media’s outright corruption, collusion and advocacy for the criminal Clinton.

  26. Gary Morris says:

    Schieffer and his ilk share an overwhelming portion of the responsibility for the current mess. Frogs, indeed.

  27. Vote for the person with the fewest number of associates who have pleaded the 5th Amendment to protect their leader.

  28. Yes it IS raining frogs. Their name is PEPE

  29. Frank Muller says:

    Trump will straighten these jokers out.

  30. Hey Bob, has anyone slapped the pee willy out of you lately?


    Trump: Were Going to Build a Wall!
    Clinton: Open Borders!
    Trump: Deport Illegals!
    Clinton: Amnesty Now!
    Trump: Get Our Jobs Back!
    Clinton: Protect NAFTA!
    Trump: Stop Illegal Immigration!
    Clinton: 500% More Radical Islamists!
    Trump: Reduce the Citizens Tax Burden!
    Clinton: Raise Taxes Across the Board!
    Trump: Decent Health Care!
    Clinton: Obamacare Forever!
    Trump: Take Care of Our Veterans!
    Clinton: Bonuses for Corrupt VA Bureaucrats!
    Trump: Uphold the 2nd Amendment!
    Clinton: Regulate the 2nd Amendment!, and Disarm All Law-Abiding Citizens!!
    Trump: Control Our Trade Agreements!
    Clinton: Pass TPP Now!
    Trump: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!
    Clinton: Taxes, Taxes, Taxes!
    Trump: Prosecute and Jail Hillary Clinton!
    Clinton: Noooooooooooooooo!
    Trump: Make America Great Again!
    Clinton: Make ME great again!

  32. Mark Colmus says:

    I will NEVER watch the Lamestream networks newscasts Especially SeeBS news

  33. The problem goes much deeper than the campaign for this election. It’s the manner in which our politics is conducted. We’ve allowed the political class to divide us up into superficial groups by area, gender, ethnicity, religion, etc. No one on the political stage cares one bit for the rights of the individual. Seriously, when was the last time you heard a politician talk about individual rights? In this age, political consultants have decided the most effective route to victory is to carve the electorate up like a jigsaw puzzle, and go after the pieces that will deliver 50% plus a margin of victory.

    Its far easier to demonize a group than it is individual people (with the exception of the candidates themselves.) The dirty secret never discussed in our media is that both parties do this routinely, and to an extent we have a long history of this as a nation.

    What’s different today is that the campaign never really stops. Politicians are constantly gearing up for the next race. News is no longer at 6:00 and 11:00. Misinformation is easier to spread than ever, and neither party has a monopoly on that.

    We’ve allowed our government to routinely give us false information for decades. (Unemployment numbers are an easy example of this.) We have a media that in their rush for ratings, ignores facts that doesn’t fit a producer’s preferred “narrative.” Too many journalists no longer feel that impartiality (which was historically an ideal to which our media aspired) is as important as “doing good.”

    This election cycle has been crazy not just because of the sideshow aspect of the Presidential candidates, but because many people are coming to realize that “I’m here for YOU” or “I’m looking out for the litte guy!” is simply sloganeering. At the national level, the number of (D) and (R) politicians who actually understand and care about the realities facing most Americans is almost nil.

    No single candidate is to blame for the frustration many Americans feel. Both of these candidates have major imperfections that should have kept them from this point, but here we are. The question is where do we go from here?

    My first step will be to stay informed, but spend LESS time following politics. I’m going to focus on areas of my life that I can actually impact. My son, my puppy, the students I teach – these are what deserve my time and attention.

  34. Only one candidate is dishonest, corrupt, has lied to congress and destroyed evidence sought under subpoena – Hillary Clinton. Vote Trump and Drain the Swamp.

  35. hawaiirules says:

    Never heard Bob complain about an IRS acting as private henchman for the administration to target people because they disagreed with the liberals. Never heard him complain about the Clintons selling out their own country for cash whenever they could.

  36. Jim Bryan says:

    It will rain bias!

    All of the major news networks are corrupt… essentially corporate PR departments!

  37. “82 percent of Americans find the [media coverage of the] campaign “disgusting.””

    The media only reports the petty issues, gossip, and personal attacks.

  38. rdalfonso says:

    How can Hillary repair the country when she supports endless wars, is supported by Goldman Sachs, and called half the country a “basket of deplorables”.

  39. Ed Kirwan says:

    CBS and the media can be cited as a primary force divider in the current state of civic disrepair.

  40. MH Thomas says:

    The nation has already endured the curse of Progressivism for most of the past 24 years. Eight more will probably finish the job.

  41. If you think Trump supporters will ever support or accept that corrupt, crazy, warmonger lesbian pedophile as President, you’re living in lalaland, Ain’t going to happen

  42. Good call! Yes it will be raining frogs!
    🇺🇸 👌 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸 #Trump2016 #MAGA! #MAGA3X! 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸 👌 🇺🇸

  43. Aj Baliboo says:

    Yes and Pharaoh’s son was killed by George Zimmermann

  44. The industry you work for is mainly responsible for the division. How about the media as an org fix itself first?

  45. It’s going to be raining frogs alright: Pepes! Praise Kek.

  46. That old communist Schieffer ought to channel his commie buddy Cronkite, and that witch Hillary can channel her old commie buddy Eleanor Roosevelt, and they can all do some “Spirit Cooking”.

    1. Yes indeed it has been a dirty campaign Bob. Because, the loony left has been challenged like never before. To you Bob that makes it a dirty campaign.

  47. Its not the “bad name” by this “campaign. Its by the taint of leftist “evil politics” on the WORLD.

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