Perry, the founder of New York Street Food, brings you his latest review on New York City street food.

This week we checked out a Thai food cart on West 48th St, just west of Park Ave called Thai On Wheels. Even though there’s less space in a food cart than a food truck, the menu was pretty extensive, with close to a dozen different dishes available.

Instead of getting a dish we were familiar with, we ordered kua kai noodles based on the photo, not even knowing what was in it. Even though there were photos of all the dishes on the cart, the menu with descriptions of each dish was discreetly put into our lunch bag.

Not being sure exactly what kua kai was, we also ordered dumplings, which were $4 for an order of 6. As a general rule, we prefer Thai dumplings to Chinese dumplings, and that was true here, too.

(credit: Perry R.)

(credit: Perry R.)

We’re not usually fond of chicken dumplings, but these steamed chicken dumplings were excellent. A thin egg wrapper held lightly seasoned ground chicken, and came with two dipping sauces: a sweet soy/vinegar sauce and a spicy red chili sauce.

Kua kai noodles turned out to be flat, wide rice noodles that come with either tofu ($7), mixed veggies or chicken ($8), or shrimp or beef ($9).

In addition to your choice of protein, kua kai noodles contains small pieces of scrambled eggs, scallions, ground radish, and a just-barely-there light and sweet sauce. Yum! We’ll have to remember kua kai in the future, because lunch was very enjoyable.

Thai On Wheels doesn’t appear to have a Twitter account, but you can find them on Facebook here and a website is here.

More importantly, you can find Thai On Wheels on the southeast corner of 48th St and Park Ave weekdays from 11am-3pm. With everything cooked to order, you can reduce waiting time by calling in your order at 347-210-7018. This will give you more time for lunch, which is always a good thing!