ALBANY, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A noise complaint led to the arrest of seven University of Albany students for hazing, police said.

Police said they arrived at an off-campus sorority house and found four young women being forced to eat mud and garbage.

Sorority members were also accused of pour fowl smelling liquids onto the women.

One student, who didn’t want to be identified, said she dropped out of the pledging process early on because of the abuse.

“They would say like ‘you’re worthless,’ or ‘you’re a stupid (expletive).’ Some of us got stepped on and they’re all wearing heels,” she said.

Seven women, ages 19 to 21 years old, were arrested.

“Hazing is not only dangerous, it’s against the law,” Albany Police Officer Steve Smith said.

A spokesperson for the university said the sorority, Alpha Omicron Pi, is not recognized and hazing is not tolerated.

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  1. “fowl smelling liquids”

    You’re fired.

  2. Initiation rituals are as old as recorded history. Military, social, political, athletic…you name it. This is not some new phenomenon due to Trump and Clinton, people.

    I went through hazing at a fraternity at an Ivy League school in the early 90s, and it was one of the best memories of my life. It was awesome, and built a bond between men that I suspect many simply don’t understand. Given a time machine and a choice, I would do it again 100 times over.

  3. dlethe says:

    The pledges must have voted for Trump.

  4. Future leaders of the Democrat party

    1. Doc Mac says:

      Just following the example of the DNC, say you are there to support certain people, and then abuse the hell out of them behind closed doors.

  5. Bob Breaker says:

    This moronic campus behavior has got to stop! Administration is far too focused on the buck and not nearly as intent on character building and excellence in academia as in the past.

  6. Judd Silver says:

    I heard a lot of guys from SF and West Hollywood are signing up to be pledges.

  7. Sure hope they didn’t force them to look at the name “Trump” written in chalk on the sidewalk. You know the snowflakes certainly would have had a melt down.

    1. piscean2014 says:

      Why am I thinking they would all be Hillary supporters? Just a guess.

  8. Amy Amrap says:

    You tell us, Millennials.

  9. Roger Smith says:

    The Leona Helmsley sorority?

  10. Mac Rojo says:

    What’s the big deal … they are voting democrat women …. they can’t be held accountable or prosecuted for any crime …. democrats shield democrats from justice …..

  11. Who’s useless and stupid now?

  12. Looking at the mug shots…sorority or fraternity?

  13. Jabber Joe says:

    Anyone want to bet that all of the women involved voted for Hitlery?

  14. dogsrock2 says:

    If your going to stand there and allow these girls to do this to you, then no sympathy.

  15. John F Robin says:

    “Sorority members were also accused of pour fowl smelling liquids onto the women.”?

    I think you meant, “pouring foul smelling…”.

    Proofreader didn’t come in today?

  16. I thought sorority girls were supposed to be hot?

  17. Kim Smith says:

    “…accused of pour fowl smelling liquids..” – what were they pourING on the girls? chicken broth?

  18. And these victims were just the girls.

  19. dustoff44 says:

    My favorite fraternity in college was “I felta thigh”.

    1. James Benoit says:

      Which was next door to Phi Tappa Kegga


  21. Andy Howe says:

    More proof that stupidity is not merely a male trait.

  22. When do all these “students” study?

  23. Mark Todd says:

    what ever happened to a hot paddling on their bare bums?

  24. Monte Smith says:

    Clinton voters. Deplorable.

  25. Don Beck says:

    Wait, I thought these colege Liberal students were the nice, tolerant, non violent ones? Hypocrisy is synonomous with the Left, now.

  26. Steve Hollar says:

    Back in high school I pledged for an off-campus club, Thebes. I dropped out when it became way too physical. Years later I ran into one of the past members. He told me they all thought I was a jerk when I quit, then said he now realizes I was the only smart one among them. I just laughed.

    1. EXACTLY what I was thinking! Dang…these Yankee girls would make a freight train..take a dirt road. (Old Southern saying..)

  27. ah American colleges. the bastions of higher education? no wait. the bastions of depravity. I think that taxpayer funds should be directed away from liberal colleges and for that matter all colleges and be directed to the vocational schools that teaches trades. the person comes out of American colleges with what? a degree in drinking, illicit sex, a knowledge of depravity and entitlement. a person who comes out of a vocational school comes out with a trade. an ability to go right into the workforce to earn a living. a person who goes to college comes out with thousands of dollars worth of student loan debt and gets a job at flipping hamburgers.

    1. College = depravity = self-degradation

  28. Bill Smith says:

    I’ve seen worse… I knew of one frat house where they made guys race naked, and they had to keep a marshmallow clenched between their butt cheeks. And if they dropped it, they had to eat the marshmallow.

  29. Only in White America….

    1. Did you look at the picture of the girls arrested?

      1. Fred Smith says:

        Integrated sororities? I have seen everything now 😉

  30. who would be stupid enough to go through the pledging process

  31. Brian Sparks says:

    I thought we had a problem with toxic masculinity in colleges. Looks like femininity can also be toxic???

  32. I wonder who these lovelies voted for last Tuesday?

    1. Brian Sparks says:

      My guess is that none of these gals took the time to vote at all.

  33. Bruce Mendel says:

    “Fowl” smelling liquids…ROFL. Owl juice or something?

    1. Nice clique, some pedigree, knowing all these girls must have eaten similar stuff, offered up their backsides as flamenco platforms. Who knows what sort of future this prepares them for. Politics, perhaps.

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