HOLTSVILLE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Two emaciated pit bulls were found scratching at a Long Island door in desperate search of food and shelter.

As CBS2’s Emily Smith reported, the homeowners answered the canine call for help.

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Amid near freezing temperatures, home surveillance cameras showed how boldly the two stray pit bulls announced themselves at James Guiffre’s doorstep on Saturday night.

“I was up at night watching television and my security lights came on,” he said.

Guiffre opened his front door, and was stunned by the sight of his malnourished guests.

“They were trying to get into the house, desperately trying to get into the house because they were cold and hungry,” Guiffre said.

Guiffre and his wife have their own dog, a golden retriever. The couple immediately fed the two starving canines while noticing the brown pit bull’s severe injuries.

“He had a broken leg, had an eye infection, there was a bite mark on its face,” Rena Guiffre added.

The family suspects the dogs were trained to fight.

The brown pit bull was taken to the Brookhaven Animal Shelter. The SPCA is hoping to identify its owner. The second dog ran off.

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“We’re really looking for the other dog with this. We’re really hoping the other white dog did not go back to the home,” Rena said.

Even as they searched for the pit bull that bolted, the family gathered food to donate to the needy for the holidays. Neighbors were not surprised.

“They have a heart of gold. They never turn anyone away. They’re always helping people in need,” neighbor, Sharon Reilly said.

The couple’s 18-year-old son Corey said even the family dog Princess bonded with the emaciated pit bulls.

“Just sad how once dog could have a normal life and the others be living outside. It’s horrible,” he said.

His mother called it ‘inexcusable.’

“It’s terrible how somebody could abuse like this. If you can’t take care of it give it to somebody who can,” Rena said.

The brown pit bull is being treated for its injuries as the investigation into what caused them continues.

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