NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The City Council is considering a new bill that could give city bicycle riders a head start at traffic intersections.

As WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb reported, at certain New York City intersections, the Department of Transportation gives pedestrians a 3.7-second head start before displaying a green light before drivers going in the same direction.

Councilman Carlos Menchaca (D-38th) is the chief sponsor of a bill to give the same courtesy to bicycle riders.

“A lot of cars don’t see bicycles at intersections, and that’s the most important thing at intersections is for both pedestrians who have the right of way,” Menchaca said. “This will not remove that right of way for pedestrians, but now will allow bicyclists to get in front of the cars within those few seconds — and that could mean life or death for bicyclists.”

Menchaca is also sponsoring a separate bill to force the city to study putting Citibike stands in public parks.

  1. The bicyclists that I see follow no rules whatsoever, they pass red lights, the go the wrong way. They do not yield to cars at all. They often compete with cars by driving ahead of them while cars are turning. They drive all over the road. Making NY safe for bikes is unrealistic. The designers of the city never really planned the proper road width with the density of traffic flow. So it is no surprise to see a rise in traffic deaths, even after extensive modifications to the streets. Now NYC is one big traffic jam for most of the day. If you ride a bike in NYC you can expect to get very hurt or worse and this is the best protection you have.

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