NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Long Island’s own Billy Joel says he apologized to Bruce Springsteen after his motorcycle broke down on the side of the road in New Jersey.

 It turns out that the “Piano Man” built Springsteen’s ill-fated motorcycle and gave it to “The Boss” as a gift.

Earlier this week, Joel told a Madison Square audience he called Springsteen to apologize.

Springsteen’s response?

“No worries.”

Springsteen was saved by Freehold American Legion, Dan Barkalow and Bob Grigs, of the Post 54 Legion Riders, and their friend Ryan Bailey, after the bike-riding veterans discovered the New Jersey rock star stranded along the side of Allaire Road near Allaire State Park following a parade on Nov. 11.

The group was unable to get “The Boss’” bike started. So Springsteen hopped on the back of Bailey’s bike and group headed to Mulligan’s Bar and Grill in Farmingdale.

The bikers had a beer — Springsteen opted for a soda — as they waited for Springsteen’s ride to arrive.

Springsteen and his new friends sat and got to know each other for about 45 minutes.

Springsteen owns a home nearby, and the superstar made sure to get contact information from the three men.


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