OSSINING, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Ossining authorities are warning residents to be careful after at least two separate reports of aggressive coyote sightings in the area.

According to Ossining police, one woman reported being confronted by an aggressive coyote as she was walking her dog near the Mystic Pointe Condominiums on Monday. Another resident stated they saw a coyote on nearby North Water Street.

“The coyote was just outside of her door, down a few steps — sounds a lot as if everybody was surprised to see one another in that case,” police chief Kevin Sylvester said. “The animal did make contact with the resident in that case — unsure whether it was bites or scratches — but the animal did make contact, which is always concerning to us.”

Ossining resident Miguel Hernandez sprung to action when he heard his beagle barking and chasing a coyote Monday afternoon.

Hernandez picked up his dog to head back to his home and wound up in what he calls a near face-to-face encounter with the wild animal. He tried to throw a brick in an attempt to scare the coyote away.

“The coyote was very aggressive and kept charging,” he said. “I tried to scare it and then it came back.”

Neighbor Jerry Wunderlich said his wife called police after they witnessed the close call next door.

“To see them going that close to a person is a problem,” he added.

Hernandez tells CBS2’s Emily Smith that he has not discarded his pair of blood stained pants because he still can’t believe it’s the work of a coyote, which managed to nip at his leg several times as he retreated with his beloved beagle.

“Those two neighborhoods are connected by the wooded area that stretches along the Hudson River so it could be the same animal,” the Ossining Police Department said on their Facebook page.

Coyote sightings are not unusual in Westchester County, but reports of aggressive behavior are atypical, WCBS 880’s Sean Adams reported. Coyotes are typically elusive and are more active at night.

Authorities said they have reached out for assistance from experts.

“We spoke to the Department of Environmental Conservation and they’ve been very helpful today,” Sylvester said. “And we have a professional trapper that’s come out today that’s attempting to locate the animal with us so that we can relocate if necessary and make the neighborhood safe again.”

Police are asking residents to be vigilant by keeping an eye on children or pets when they are outside. Authorities are also asking residents to keep garbage contained and to keep pet food indoors.



  1. Janelle –The follow up question is what took the OPD so long to issue warnings? Why did the coyote warnings happen after attack incidents? Coyotes in the city of Ossining is not new but city officials never released warning to the community. AND why isn’t there an aggressive push to eradicate or relocate the predators. This is a city with a dense population not a small rural town. Greater proactive efforts should be in place. WHY NOT?

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