OSSINING, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Ossining Police have issued an aggressive coyote alert, after several encounters were reported by area residents earlier this week.

The new warning, issued Wednesday morning, said the coyote was spotted in the Eagle Bay and Mystic Pointe neighborhoods, Ossining Patch reported.

The new warning comes just days after several separate coyote sightings in the area.

One woman reported being confronted by an aggressive coyote as she was walking her dog near the Mystic Pointe Condominiums on Monday.

“And all of a sudden this coyote was right at us — he was like waiting for us,” Lorraine McKewan said. “I never pick Rascal up — I was holding him, but then he [the coyote] got to my leg. And I was trying to protect Rascal, and then the coyote took the sleeve of my jacket and ripped that off, meanwhile trying to get to Rascal.”

McKewan said she received stitches and a rabies shot following the incident.

Ossining resident Miguel Hernandez sprung to action when he heard his beagle barking and chasing a coyote Monday afternoon.

Hernandez picked up his dog to head back to his home and wound up in what he calls a near face-to-face encounter with the wild animal. He tried to throw a brick in an attempt to scare the coyote away.

“The coyote was very aggressive and kept charging,” he said. “I tried to scare it and then it came back.”

A trapper came face-to-face with the coyote while trying to flush the animal out of a ravine, WCBS 880’s Sean Adams reported. The trapper was unsuccessful in capturing the animal, having to swat the creature away instead.

Police are asking residents to be vigilant by keeping an eye on children or pets when they are outside. Authorities are also asking residents to keep garbage contained and to keep pet food indoors.


  1. The result of the peoples republic of NY disarming it’s citizens, and even making them afraid to own a firearm with all their BS laws.

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