NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Police are searching for two suspects after a dispute over a seat on the 6 train ended with one man being slashed in the face and another punched in East Harlem on Thursday night.

The dispute happened while the 6 train was in transit near the 110th Street and Lexington station around 9 p.m.

Police said a 35-year-old man was slashed and pepper sprayed in the face, while a 57-year-old man was punched repeatedly and then pepper sprayed as well.

Witnesses told CBS2’s Jessica Layton the man who was slashed lost part of his ear in the attack.

“Blood all over, so I didn’t really know. I knew his ear was like leaking, halfway off,” one man said.


“I’m from California and I’ve never seen anything like this. This is my first subway experience,” one woman said.

“We see this kind of stuff in the movies, so I’m thinking ‘Oh my goodness it really does happen out here,” another said.

Police are searching for two suspects after a person was slashed on the 6 train near the 110th Street station in East Harlem on Thursday. (Credit: CBS2/Jessica Layton)

(Credit: CBS2/Jessica Layton)

Blood could be seen on the floor and the walls of the station.

Police said they are searching for a black man approximately 25 to 30 years old wearing a burgundy jacket and glasses, and a Hispanic man approximately 20 years old, 5 feet 8 inches tall, wearing a black coat and braided hair.

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  1. Jim Wolfson says:

    Another reason the Normal-American Community would rather live in our cars than within 500 miles of this NYC dump.

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  3. But how could this happen in New York? A city with tons of laws , camera’s, and a self-serving police force, all to “PROTECT” the citizen, and ensure their “LIBERTIES” aren’t violated.

  4. Ken Valley says:

    It goes to show, once again, that NYC is a cesspool of degenerates, thugs and low lives. This city should be renamed to the Big Rotten Apple, or Big Smelly Turd! Because people are acting like cavemen. There is no longer any civility in our Nation, thank to the Marxist Obama and his Communist administration!

  5. CO Jones says:

    No mention of the race of the victims. Why not?

    Two minority thugs attacked in a pack, one victim using a cane.

    Great sons you raise, “swims”!

    (Single Welfare Minority Mothers: SMWMs)

  6. Keith Diggs says:

    ““We see this kind of stuff in the movies, so I’m thinking ‘Oh my goodness it really does happen out here,” another said.“We see this kind of stuff in the movies, so I’m thinking ‘Oh my goodness it really does happen out here,” another said.”


  7. When spotting the negr0id in the wild, avoid it if possible.
    If the negr0id approaches you, lock and load and prepare to fight.
    If the negr0id is within 20 feet of you, shoot to kill.

    1. Mike Hayes says:

      Sounds like the smart thing to do.

  8. NYC is a multicultural cesspool! All the decent people have moved out leaving only rich liberals and their poverty pimped populace (PPPs).

  9. Frank Muller says:

    Colin Flaherty on YT has the full details on this story.

  10. jengancworld says:

    No description on the t.v. report! I guess that’s RASISSSSS

  11. Carl Mayo says:

    it’s new york — what else can you expect in a city where self-defense is illegal?

  12. Mike Arvand says:

    East harlem. Says more about the people involved than anything else.

    Good old liberal media, telling us more by what they leave out, than by what they put in.

  13. NYC, a huge shanty town with lots of crime…

  14. Keith Nelson says:

    Jessica is a dead ringer for Danica Patrick.

  15. When people live so close together, this is what happens. There use to be something called “Personal space”, but as more people force their way into the country, the less personal space you have. I am very blessed to live rural, but the second I go into the city, I feel sick and agitated from the Masses of people.

  16. No mention of perps race = must I say it, no, because we know!

  17. People were acting the same way with me when I sat in the handicapped seat as they gave me really sour looks. It was at the end when one of them was about to speak up and I could tell it was not going to be nice so I preempted their sour speech by lifting up my jeans to show a cast which made them shut up.

    I was suffering from extreme shin splints and my leg was 98% cracked.

  18. David Alster says:

    It is going to get a lot worse as rule of law continues to be disregarded.

  19. Seems to be the case–liberalism is a mental disorder

  20. Seems more and more Obama/Clinton/DeBlasio supporters act up as they lose ground daily.

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