OSSINING, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Police in Ossining have killed a suspected rabid coyote that they believe has been going after residents and pets this week.

Officers used a mechanical rabbit to lure the animal Thursday and when they got a clear shot, they took it, CBS2’s Janelle Burrell reported.

Ossining Police Chief Kevin Sylvester confirmed the coyote’s death on Twitter, but said “It’s still a good idea to use caution when walking pets near wooded areas.”

Trapper Jim Horton with Quality Pro Pest & Wildlife Services said the coyote killed Thursday is the same one that went after him on Wednesday.

“The one that came after me yesterday had a mark under the left eye and this one’s got the same mark, so it’s definitely the same coyote,” he told WCBS 880’s Sean Adams. “Guarantee it will test positive for rabies.”

Police issued warnings this week about an aggressive coyote in the areas of St. Augustine Church, Mystic Pointe condominiums and Eagle Bay condominiums.

Lorraine McCuen, 76, is one of two residents in the Mystic Pointe development who was bitten by the coyote, requiring 12 stitches on her leg.

“I couldn’t think fast enough,” she said. “I was putting the flashlight in the coyote’s face, didn’t do any good. I was screaming, didn’t do any good. The more I screamed, the more it lunged at us.”

It happened Monday as she walked out of her condo to her dog, Rascal.

“While I was picking up Rascal, he was biting at my leg, this coyote, and then he ripped at my sleeve and took the sleeve off my jacket,” she said. “By sheer luck, we got in the house, but it was terrifying.”

“I had just gotten out out of bed when I heard her screaming outside,” her husband, Peter McCuen, said.

Also on Monday, resident Miguel Hernandez said a coyote nipped at his leg, going after him and his beagle.

“The coyote was very aggressive and kept charging,” he said. “I tried to scare it and then it came back.”

His neighbor, Jerry Wunderlich, saw it all while his wife called police.

“Miguel was yelling, he was holding the dog and the coyote was right by his arms,” he said. “I have never seen this before.”

Then around 6:30 a.m. Wednesday, an off-duty NYPD officer leaving for work had to fire off two warning shots from his service weapon to scare off a coyote after he says it came after him.

With multiple sightings and dozen of dogs living the gated community, residents have been protecting themselves. Cynthia Duncan has been walking her golden retriever with a cane.

“A male neighbor was walking his dog and in the driveway got attacked yesterday,” she said. “He fell and it was attacking him, biting him and it mauled his dog, so it’s real — it’s like the wild West.”

McCuenis now relieved the animal has been killed, but is still apprehensive about walking outside.

“Not in the dark and with a stick,” she said. “Still cautious, still cautious.”

The state will test to confirm the presence of rabies in case the coyote bit other animals.

Meanwhile, authorities are asking residents to keep garbage contained and to keep pet food indoors.


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