NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A Muslim woman says she was verbally attacked by a group of men on the subway.

Yasmin Seweid, 18, was still shaken by the traumatic train ride as she spoke with CBS2’s Tracee Carrasco.

Around 10 p.m. Thursday, she got on the 6 train at East 23rd Street and Park Avenue after leaving a school event at Baruch College.

“I heard them talk, but I had my headphones in, I wasn’t really listening, I had a long day. And they came closer and I distinctly heard them saying, ‘Donald Trump,'” she said.

Seweid said she was then verbally attacked by the three drunk, white men.

“They were surrounding me from behind and they were like, ‘Oh look, it’s an f-ing terrorist,'” she said. “I didn’t answer. They pulled my strap of the bag and it ripped, and that’s when I turned around and I was really polite and I was like, ‘can you please leave me alone?’ and everyone was looking, no one said a thing, everyone just looked away.”

Seweid said no one stopped the men, not even when they tried to tear off her hijab.

“They kept saying, ‘you don’t belong here, get out of this country, go back to your country,’ and finally they came really close and they were like, ‘take that rag off your head,'” she said. 

The Brooklyn born woman, and proud American citizen, was horrified by what happened, and worried it could happen again.

“The president-elect just promotes this stuff and is very anti-Muslim, very Islamophobic, and he’s just condoning it,” she said.

The NYPD said the Hate Crimes Task Force is investigating and looking for witnesses to identify the men.

Meanwhile, Seweid said she plans to continue taking the subway.

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  1. Jeff Morris says:

    CBS, did you do your homework before you ran this ad? Go ahead and take a look at her FB page. Take a look at her anti white/ anti Trump sister and so called fiancee. She made 4 posts on the 3rd about her tragedy, a funny dog getting vacuumed, profile pic change thanking her mom that she graduated, and she’s wearing the clothes in summer with the same graduation necklace. Fake as can be.

  2. Zev Stern says:

    And the “men” on the subway car? Why were they just looking on when a woman needed their help?

  3. In this case, just as when anyone simply repeats what they have heard, the drunkards were obviously behaving stupidly. I find it just as stupid, when I hear or read of that “Donald Trump is causing people to do and say these horrid things.” It is simple parroting. Furthermore, I agree that no one should have hide their religious beliefs. It is equally intrusive to insist that one removes a headscarf or wishes “Merry X-mas” rather than “Merry Christmas.” There is a whole lot of stupid going on out there.

  4. jimeejohnson says:

    Three blind mice: I blame their STUPID parents. Racism and prejudice is just congenital stupidity.

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