NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – The Transportation Security Administration wants to help reunite you with your lost possessions.

It has dubbed Dec. 9 as “Lost and Found Day,” and is using it to raise awareness of where and how to find items you may have lost in transit by contacting the lost and found office at the airport you departed.

To find out where the lost and found office is at your airport, click here.

The contact number for the lost and found offices locally are:

  • Newark-Liberty International Airport Lost and Found: 1-908-787-0667
  • LaGuardia Airport Lost and Found: 1-718-662-5043
  • John F. Kennedy International Airport Lost and Found: 1-718-917-3999

When contacting lost and found, be prepared to give the TSA a detailed description of the missing item, the date of the flight, the terminal you left from and your contact information.

The TSA also urges passengers follow these five tips when traveling:

  1. After showing the TSA officer your ID and boarding pass, put your driver’s license back in your wallet or passport back in a carry-on bag so it isn’t left behind in a bin.
  2. When emptying pockets, put those items into a carry-on bag so you are less likely to leave something in a bin when you leave the checkpoint.
  3. Don’t remove jewelry unless it is very bulky or if, from previous experience, you know it will alarm the scanner. If you do remove jewelry, it is best to place it directly into a carry-on bag instead of in a bin.
  4. Put an ID tag on carry-on bags.
  5. If traveling with a laptop, tape a business card, return address label, or a hand-written name/address/contact information directly onto it. TSA will contact the laptop’s owner to return it if contact information is affixed to the laptop.
  1. What are they doing about Stolen and Not Investigated items ??

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