NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — With holiday parties in full swing, it can be tough to eat healthy and maintain your diet.

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Pam O’Brien, deputy editor of SHAPE magazine, stopped by CBS2 on Sunday morning to share some of her tips on how to stay healthy this season, while also having some fun.

Put your go-to foods on repeat.

“What you want to do is decide on your favorite healthy foods and snacks and just make those your go-to favorites,” O’Brien said. “By doing this, you take the guess work out of healthy eating — you always know what you’re going to have.”

According to O’Brien, research suggests that eating more unhealthy foods on a repetitive basis also cuts down on consumption in the long run, since your body will get tired of consuming the same foods over and over again.

Do the calorie math.

“People think ‘oh I’m eating fruits and vegetables, so I’m naturally consuming fewer calories — but that’s not necessarily true,” O’Brien said.

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O’Brien said instead of adding more fruits and veggies on top of your diet, substitute healthier options in place of foods you already eat, so you intake less calories overall.

Don’t drink the calories.

“It’s fine to drink in moderation,” O’Brien said. “The key is to not overdo it.”

O’Brien suggests keeping your alcoholic beverage intake seven drinks a week or less.

Follow the two-day rule.

According to O’Brien, keeping a regular exercise schedule will help you burn off all those extra calories you consume.

“Don’t go more than two days in a row without exercising,” O’Brien said.

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