CLIFTON, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Big trucks are crowding a New Jersey street, and creating traffic chaos.

Residents in one Passaic County town said they can’t park, and some said they can’t even sleep at night.

As CBS2’s Meg Baker reported, they’ve complained that big rigs and buses are making life miserable.

When you combine a bus route, jitney shuttle depot, a warehouse, and a residential block it can lead to complete chaos. On Federal Street in Clifton, neighbors said traffic increased in the past year due to a new warehouse owner and construction around the corner.

“The police have not done anything to stop this. They should make it a one way,” Marilynn Brown said.

“On a daily basis trucks flying by, loud noise construction, speeding, careless driving all over,” Edward Gonzalez added.

It was like Ground Hog Day, one extra-large vehicle after another turned onto Federal Street forcing cars to back up and out of the way, creating major traffic jams.

“About 5 a.m. everything starts, huge tractor trailers that cover the whole street,” Jessica Peguero said.

Homeowners said they had an issue with a truck trying to get into a warehouse across the street. It backed right into their retaining wall shaking the whole house.

“The idling is probably the worst part because engines are so loud they rattle my house,” Peguero said

Others have had their cars struck.

“Side swiping cars, hitting cars, no ones held accountable for it,” one neighbor said.

Adding to the mayhem — buses have been rerouted there due to construction on Sheridan and Main Ave.

CBS2’s Baker spoke to the owner of the warehouse who said he was just trying to make a living. Neighbors said the previous owner used smaller trucks and operated during normal business hours.

The town manager said the traffic division of the police department has been investigating, but CBS2’s cameras couldn’t find an officer on Federal Street on Monday.

Te city said residents are parking too close to stop signs and making it impossible for large vehicles to make turns.





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