NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Police say the suspects in a violent crime that took place in Brooklyn, are children.

Surveillance footage shows the four young suspects — accused of robbing and attacking a man — and police say one of them is as young as 8.

As CBS2’s Hazel Sanchez reported, a 30-year-old man was jumped outside of a co-op building on Willoughby Street off of Ashland Place in Fort Greene on the Friday after Thanksgiving around 12:30 a.m.

Police said four kids, two boys between the ages of 12 and 14, a girl between 12 and 14 and an 8 or 9-year-old boy, approached the man and demanded his phone.

They began punching him and threw him to the ground before taking off with the man’s laptop, headphones and a library book, police said.

People from the neighborhood were surprised to hear that kids so young were out so late without an adult.

“My son can’t be in the street at 12 o’clock and be in the house, and he’s 14.” Gabriel Alfredo said, “Maybe their parents don’t care about the kids.”

“I think that’s horrible, and I think the kids today, the parents need to actually have more control over them. Because that’s ridiculous, that’s their elder, and they should respect him and that should not happen,” Gylen Bryant said.

“It bugs me because I’m not a parent, but I’m about to be one and I wouldn’t want my kid outside at 8 years old at 12:30 at night. They have to get caught and they have to deal with the consequences. ” one man told 1010 WINS’ Glenn Schuck. “You’re not gonna put them in jail, but they have to be taught a lesson 100 percent.”

Police were still looking for the young suspects on Tuesday. It’s believed they are from the Fort Greene section of Brooklyn. Anyone with information has been asked to call police.

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  1. I bet that 8 year old is tapping that 12 year old girl, even though they may share the same daddy, but nobody knows for certain, because the father could be any number of guys that like to burn a blunt and tap the closest hole in their ghetto.

    And these people have the audacity to act “surprised”, seriously? Who exactly is surprised that a bunch of young kids with no parental support are thuggin’ it up in the very place they live?

  2. Tim Brennan says:

    the 8 year old needs to be sentenced to North Dakota to live with a nice farm family out in the middle of nowhere . GET THAT POOR KID OUT OF THERE. he can still be saved

  3. Hey you, morons in NY city, you have elected commie as your leader. What did you expect? Keep putting libs in the office and please, stay away from us. Don’t move down to south after you destroyed your state.

  4. Young liberals in training.

  5. It’s those darn Amish kids again.

  6. Nathan Pizzo says:

    The parents should be brought up on charges. This is just UNACCEPTABLE. There is NO way these punks should be out beating up 30 year old males. This is just EVIL. Throw the kids and parents in JAIL. We need LAW AND ORDER. They need to be dealt with VERY HARSHLY. Stop this nonsense NOW.

  7. Jeff Sherman says:

    The library book will probably provoke the gang into a revenge crime.

  8. Su Yu says:

    8 years?…..A pure Obama baby.

  9. As is usual in this PC society, they don’t dare give the race of the perps. Wouldn’t want to further the investigation, would we.

    1. Su Yu says:

      If the kid was White, would be revealed.

  10. Louis Berard says:

    I’m pretty sure the tall one, second from the right, is Michael Jackson but it could be a Russian hacker. It’s difficult to tell because they made all their faces bright white in the video clip. Kind of a strange thing to do. A description of the criminals might help to find them, but that’s just me.

  11. Jamal Imoz says:

    I never visited New York without carrying concealed. I love NYC. I am energized by the City that never sleeps. But…I am not stupid. You don’t camp out in the African Jungle without a rifle, and you don’t visit NYC vibrant jungle without a handgun.

  12. Feral Democrats at their best.

  13. Ty Roark says:

    Ever see a map of high crime vs low crime in the US, if you can’t find one look at the map from the election by county. The red is low crime the blue is high, you can overlay the maps. Sort of tell the story.

  14. But isn’t NYC a sanctuary city?

  15. Somewhere John Rocker is laughing his ass off!

  16. Ron Heimer says:

    Time to get tough. Execute these losers and cut your losses. Do the country some good and exterminate the criminals.

  17. aritai says:

    Sad, A child without a childhood and a lord of the flies moment. I’d take the parents out and shoot them. Mr. T. should do it himself, since he could do it on 5th avenue and no one could touch him. He should do the same with drug dealers. All the neighbors would applaud. Along with the terrorists stalking neighborhoods in Florida. They shoot horse thieves, don’t they? Take away a family’s security and feeling of well-being and able to leave for work and feel safe? Give them a quick trial by their neighbors and hang them the same day, with Mr. T. kicking the stool out from underthem. Do this a dozen times in each high crime city. it ends. Save for the Chicago like drug problems, deputize vigilantes, or even set one gang against the others paying bounties for body counts, like we did for rats when disease was the problem. Hard problems demand even harder solutions. Or they never end. Or we cold deport them to an island where they had to learn to work together to grow their own, and occasionally grow hungry until they had enough to eat and something left to sell and use their own feces for fertilizer, and learn to sleep in the open without airconditioning.. and discipline their own.. their families could free them trading places, one for one…

  18. Obama will blame it on slavery

  19. Darryn James says:


  20. Stealing a laptop and a library book ? Not your normal criminals.

  21. snailmailtrucker says:

    Just check the Local Public School’s Honor Roll !

  22. Hold the parents unequivocally accountable…….big time fines and possible jail time will get their heads straight regarding their responsibility as parents and citizens of the community……

  23. Jose Jimenez says:

    Thank God, the Founding Fathers and their Electoral College in helping us from having Democrat Cesspools putting Hillary Liar and Corrupt Clinton in the White House,

  24. Parents need to held accountable as accessories and also sterilization an ideal preventative measure if they are having children if wards of the state. I.E. people who willfully not support themselves should not be should not be allowed to have children , as this is what occurs all too often.

  25. Jose Jimenez says:

    Democrat voters-in-training doing what they do best in a Sandinista/Marxist Mayor’s Heaven,

  26. Wally Fox says:

    What are the chances they don’t have a father at home, or even know who their father is. Search “Men who father multiple children” and you have the answer. No father, no discipline, love, guidance, teaching of respect for others, etc. left out of their lives. Society suffers.

  27. David Edward says:

    I guess if you add their ages together they add up to a 40yrs old. He should have punched the 40 yr old in the nose. 🙂

  28. Lulua Mahalo says:

    I am a parent and grand parent…I could never imagine ever letting my peeps out like this.

    I think a severe punishment is required to make them understand what they did was wrong and not acceptable…although I don’t know what it could be short of putting them behind bars where they just get indoctrinated into more crime.

  29. If there is no description and their faces are blurred, how the hell are they supposed to be identified if seen on the street?

  30. Ah, New York. So modern.

  31. “If Obama had a son”!!

  32. “I think the kids today, the parents need to actually have more control over them.”

    I THINK the parents should be held responsible as well. They ARE the LEGAL GUARDIANS! Make them live up to that! FINES for both adults and kids, and kids put into foster care detention centers. Parents should be made to take a parenting class, and put on probation with the kids.

    1. “You’re not gonna put them in jail, but they have to be taught a lesson 100 percent.”

      WHY should they NOT be put in jail? They committed a violent crime! What’s next, murder? Suppose this victim had died of a heart attack… or from injuries from the beating. THAT IS THE PROBLEM WITH THIS COUNTRY… ALWAYS Leniency! LET these kids off the hook…Do NOT make them accountable. nd then later when their next crime is more heinous…”We should have dealt with them far more seriously and this never would have happened” …BUT IT DOES HAPPEN, and no one wants to hurt anyone’s feelings or be “too strict”. Tell that to the family whose son/daughter/father/husband/wife/grandparent is the victim!

  33. Brought to you by your local democrats.

  34. Eagle in NYC says:

    Did Mike Tyson have a baby we’re not aware of?

  35. And this surprises people…why?

    This is what you get when you mix 40 years of inter-generational Welfare recipiency with low IQ.

  36. The child on the right doesn’t look like a willing participant.
    Is the woman next to him wearing a hijab?

  37. If a :”child” of this age is convicted and jailed, then his parent/s should be locked up with him.

  38. Kathy Young says:

    Why NOT put them in jail? Remember Scared Straight? A little “in your pimply face” intervention. And yes, cut off or seriously downgrade their families’ welfare benefits. If children who are thugs or truant from school were the reason the welfare bennies were decreased, you can bet “parental supervision” would be the law in those households.

  39. There’s things you don’t know about me, Jim. LOL

  40. pageoturner says:

    The 8 year old hasn’t gotten over slavery yet.

  41. “Jumped” implies they may have knocked him down from behind. Kids under 18 who commit crimes… especially so late at night.. should trigger automatic charges against the parents.

  42. The comment in the video stated that they would not be able to be jailed but they would put a scare into them…why not go after the parents. In the case of kids not being properly taken care of and being left to roam the streets to commit crimes, I say go hard after their parents and make them accountable even if it involves jail time for one or both of them or BIG fines.

  43. I guess all of the comments were posted before the cretins linking from Drudgereport realized at least two of the kids are white.

  44. Mickey Aggie says:

    Simple answer here. Jail the parents until the child turns 21! Put their household furniture and other things into storage, foster parents for each of them after they get out of Juvi 10 years from now.

  45. Bobby Bonds says:

    I am sure they have great parents and this sort of thing has never happened before.

  46. IF they aren’t Peeps of Colour (British), I’ll kiss all ya’lls butts on main street and give you an hour to draw a crowd. Just sayin 😉

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