SHIRLEY, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A driver slammed into a house and a swimming pool on Long Island and fled from the scene naked, police said.

As TV 10/55 Long Island Bureau Chief Richard Rose reported, police were called to the crash site on Ridgewood Drive in Shirley just before midnight.

Investigators said the out-of-control car tore through two lawns, hit two garbage containers, and took out a fence before plowing into a house and into a swimming pool — sending water rushing into the home.

“We heard a big explosion; a big boom,” said homeowner Ron Sandolo. “I ran downstairs and found a car inside my kitchen.”

No one in Sandolo’s family was injured.

The driver missed a very large tree before he careened into the Sandolos’ backyard.

“After he went through the deck, he went into the pool. After he went into the pool, he went into the house and all the pool water went inside the house with the car,” Sandolo said.

The Sandolos are now in for a big repair job that begins with drying out the home, and boarding up the large hole in the wall.

“Also, I had to turn the main off – the water main off — because the car banged his baseboard heating, so that water was spraying all over the place,” said home repairman Keith Chiaramonte.

Neighbors said the driver – identified as John Winn, 32, of Shirley – got out of the car and took off his clothes, which were soaked. Neighbor Stephanie Dinis said she heard about it all from her brother.

“(The driver) was running down Ridgewood Drive, and then he said that he saw the guy strip, and he started ringing doorbells,” Dinis said. “He was completely naked!”

The man was caught on cellphone video being arrested by Suffolk County police.

The Sandolos, who have insurance on their home, will stay in a hotel for now.

“At least we’re here to be talking about it,” Sandolo said. “It could be a lot worse.”

Driver Winn was taken to a hospital and treated for minor injuries. Police say he faces numerous charges, including driving under the influence of drugs.


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