NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A Long Island Rail Road train crashed into a bumping block at the end of a track at the Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn on Wednesday morning.

It happened at around 8:15 a.m. as the Far Rockaway train was pulling into the terminal on track 6.

You can catch up on how everything developed by checking out the videos below…

LIRR Crash The Latest

LIRR Train Derails In Brooklyn

LIRR Crash: Latest On Victims

There were 430 passengers on board the train at the time of the crash. Some described a large jolt that sent people flying.

LIRR Crash: Passenger Describes Loud ‘Boom’

Passenger Describes Scene From 1st Car

LIRR Derailment: Passengers Calls It ‘Total Chaos’

Railroad engineering expert Gus Ubaldi says that positive train control technology may not have helped prevent Wednesday morning’s LIRR crash at Atlantic Terminal.

Investigators are focusing on the possibility of operator error in the incident.

Based on initial information, investigators believe the train operator somehow missed the mark when entering the station, failed to brake properly in time and hit the bumper at the end of the platform.

Railroad Engineering Expert Weighs In

LIRR Train Operator Misses Mark

LIRR Crash: Cuomo Speaks




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