FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (CBSNewYork) — President-elect Donald Trump does not take office for two more weeks, but Florida Gov. Rick Scott said he talked with Trump – and not with President Barack Obama – after a shooting left five people dead at the Fort Lauderdale airport.

“I have reached out to President-elect Trump, and spoken to him and to Vice President-elect (Mike) Pence multiple times to keep them informed, and they told me whatever resources that we need from the federal government, they would do everything in their power to make that happen,” Scott said at a news conference late Friday afternoon.

Reporters later asked whether Scott had talked to Obama. Scott said he had not talked to the current president and said Obama had not reached out to him. He said he had not reached out to Obama either, though he had reached out to Trump and Pence multiple times.

A reporter later asked, “Wouldn’t it be appropriate to call the president for resources?”

“I have a personal relationship with Vice President Pence and President-elect Trump, and I reached out,” Scott said.

Trump said in a tweet that he had also spoken with Scott.

Another reporter asked Scott whether there should be a ban on weapons in airports. Scott said the question was not appropriate.

“It’s horrible what happened here. It’s not time to be political. It’s a time to mourn those that lost their life, finish an investigation, and pray for everybody who is still fighting for their life,” Scott said.

The suspected gunman – identified as Esteban Santiago-Ruiz, 26, of Anchorage, Alaska – was in police custody late Friday afternoon. Five people were killed and eight were injured in the shooting in the baggage claim area in Terminal 2 of the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport early Friday afternoon.

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  1. We got a Tweet from an “Independent” President to be. Not a Repug and not a Demo. Obama is out looking for his certificate

    1. No one knows whether Obama or the Justice Depart has contacted the Scott. He would not tell you. Usually there is a list of who calls first for these kind of calls and that depends on need. Obama made a comment the first day it happened but he does not have to tweet everything he says or does as he does not need constant admiration like Tramp.

  2. so what can Trump do? NOT A DAM THING LMBO HAHAHA

  3. Malcolm Tent says:

    It’s 0bama’s job to call the governor, not the governor’s job to call Obama. Our so-called president just proved once again why he is not, nor has he ever been, qualified to lead this nation. Guess he’s too busy helping Michelle pack up the White House china.

    1. So why did Scott call ‘Don the Con’?

    2. President Obama is more than qualified after all he was elected, not once but twice with the electoral college and the popular vote. Can Trump say the same? In all due respect Obama is still the sitting president. Yet, Rick Scott called Trump and had the nerve to state that this was not political. He had enough time to call Trump but no time to call THE PRESIDENT.

  4. Bobbi Clark says:

    Eh, no different than the President reaching out to a Mayor and not the Governor.

  5. Give peace a chance. Rick Scott was there to offer his help he called the president elect and asked for help. The sitting president has a few days left in office and didn’t offer anything, no phone call, no flight out to check Nada. Rick Scott did the right thing, the future president will help.

    1. obama is still president! perhaps mr scott should have direct dialled putin, since that is the true state of governance in the “new and greater” united states.

      1. Tim Creamer says:

        First of all Obama should have reached out to the Governor not the other way around. and second of all Obama is noneffective since he’s been President. Trump will make a true President and get this winnie out of office.

      2. Wow! Typical Luciferian answer! Team Trump! Obama was busy giving himself accolades! He is busy building his legacy. Will he go down in history as the little train that thought he could? The floating turd that wouldn’t flush? The emperor with no clothes? I think he represents that Ass of a man, Esau, in the Bible. I refer to him as AssO! Now to get rid of these fake news sources and paid shills in their comment sections! The American people will represent ourselves, thank you! Trump, bypassing the fake press, with Twitter, really uncovers the Soros backed, shills, and we the people love it!

        1. LMAO@ignorance coming from don the con supporters.

  6. cotiere says:

    another jerk looking for attention

  7. Turning a national horrific event into an opportunity to disrespect a sitting President is a new low – why are the American people voting in these people – I am truly fearful

    1. Tim Creamer says:

      This so called sitting President only thinks about himself and his legacy. He is noneffective and a disgrace as a President. Gov. Scott reached out to someone who will truly get things done and one who truly cares about American citizens. Obama always takes the opposite side I guess this was another work place attack and not a terrorist attack.

    2. Good legacy name: The Sitting president…..hmmm.,There are sooo many! We, the people, will help him think of a title to put in his legacy scrapbook. He’ll go down in history with the Bushs, Clintons, and all their ilk. Who’d have thought Mr. Peanut, Carter, would be overtaken by so many worst Presidents? I’ll put my faith in God, and Trump is the safest bet for the future of my grandchildren! Enough of my family has fought under these greedy, oligard, warmongers!

    3. Why bother calling Obamba? We know he’ll take sides and support the criminal. We know he’s all ready making preparations to invite the mother of the Criminal to white House. And we know Obamba will blame everybody if the Killer was a “Alah AHkBar”, yelling JIhadist. Bragg about how the Jihady is a member of the religion of Peace crap. The FRAUD of a Leader from Kenya, has done a good job destroying our country.

  8. It’s not personal Governor Scott, it’s Government business and I hope that your citizens take note that the personal come first with you rather than what’s right and appropriate. This action speaks volumes about you.

  9. I see it different, Obama should have reached out to Scott but he didn’t. So if there is any disrespect it’s from Obama. Probably too busy releasing more terrorists from Gitmo.

    1. Tim Creamer says:

      Yes you are correct. Obama should have called the Governor but the media will try to make any Republican look bad because they are soooooo bias. But things will be different with the press come Jan. 20th. No more free trips on air force one, no more free lunches or parties for the lib press. Whaaa! to the baby press corp who interfered with the election trying to get Hillary elected but lost anyway because people are sick of their one sided coverage.

  10. He should be reaching our first, to the families of the victims killed and to those injuried; and thanking the first responders for quickly taking the suspect into custody. Then, just tweet 160 charcters to whoever he wanted to.

  11. Clyde Brooks says:

    Oh what really did you all expect. This man and people like him have disrespected the president since he took office Eight, years ago. Nothing new here plus it was to be expected from an idiot like this, man.

  12. When will we be rid of this crooked criminal!? He is the lowest of the low. Literally almost anyone would be better for Floridians than him and the competition is pretty darn weak.

  13. It’s not time to be political about guns but it’s ok for the red eyed vampire to call Trump and Pence who aren’t even in charge yet. What a low life bunch of people.

  14. Bill Hill says:

    I hope the rest of the world stop and listen to the real Americans who can preach human rights globally but cant practice what they preach at home not even the decency to call the current President but the President elect got called why ? because he is one of the clansman

  15. Rick Scott, you are one of the biggest ASSHOLES in Politics Today. How the folks in Florida can stomach you is beyond my comprehension! Your recent support of Trump along with those Floridians who voted for him; shows that you are all ignoramuses and for some sick reason beyond the dissatisfaction of the performance of Congress & McConnel & attitude on Race; Y’all chose to burn the house down & destroy the Country! WTF.

  16. He obviously doesn’t understand protocol. He showed the whole world how effing STUPID and bigoted he is. Imagine the fool telling people that he has a personal relationship with the president elect . Who gives a rat’s behind about that? He is not fit to be in that job!

  17. How disrespectful to President Obama

    1. Zonya Guest says:

      o buma is not a friend of the American people this is why he called trump and pence good for him sending a clear message to obuma

  18. Eldad Jackob says:

    call him idiot. Being disrespectful to the president made him smart-by his book.

    1. Yes you are right, Rick Scott is an Idiot,

  19. Ann Grannan says:

    What a disrespectful piece of cow dung is Rick Scott. Obviously a bigoted, racist white supremacist schmuck. Disgusting.

  20. Alecia Jones says:

    Let me get this straight. Rick Scott said that it was inappropriate for a reporter to ask him about banning weapons but he didn’t feel it was inappropriate not to call President Obama today. Rick Scott’s priorities are out of focus; his vision is tarnished and the same way he mistreated President Obama, someone will do the same to him.

    1. Joy Crawford says:

      Thanks Alecia – He also said this was not a time to be political and he had a personal relationship with DT & MP. This is not a personal problem this is a state/national problem. He should learn to separate personal from professional.

  21. Louisa Smith says:

    F U Florida govenor. Obama is our current President!

    1. Tim Creamer says:

      You call that weak, self centered egotist a President? The President should have had the decency to call the Governor. Not the other way around. Come on Jan 20th.

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