By Carly Petrone

Another season, another look. From glossy eye lids to glossy hair, here are five beauty trends that will definitely make you stand out this winter. 

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Hair Masks

Everyone knows that your skin gets super dry during the cold winter months, but did you know that your hair does, too? Quench those thirsty strands with a nourishing hair mask to keep your hair healthy and strong. Sephora is a great place to pick up all kinds of different brands depending on your hair type. Enrich your hair’s texture with Moroccanoil’s Intense Hydrating Mask ($16), soften and smooth out your hair with Living Proof’s Restore Mask Treatment ($42), or deliver essential and professional-strength moisture to hydrate your hair with Drybar’s Bay Breeze Hydrating Shots ($38.) Trust us, your scalp will thank you.

(credit: Instagram/patmcgrathreal)

(credit: Instagram/patmcgrathreal)


Just like many of the other ‘90s trends, using glitter on your face is back in style. Specifically, we’re seeing models rocking glitter eyeliner, using glitter underneath their brows, and even lining their lips. We recommend NYX Cosmetics’ Face & Body Glitter (available in 12 colors) and Make Up Forever’s Glitters ($15) — both are great for putting over lip gloss to help emphasize lip volume. Makeup artist extraordinaire, Pat McGrath, also recently launched her beautiful Lust 004 Kits ($60) that we can’t wait to get our hands on.

(Credit: Clipart)


Microblading is definitely the new beauty craze of 2017. This new eyebrow isn’t cheap — it ranges from $700-$1200 for treatment — but it will give you a perfectly filled in brow. A small hand tool is used to deposit pigment underneath the first layer of your skin using micro-needles along the natural shape of your brow line. Just make sure you get a consultation first, as it’s considered a form of permanent makeup. The best part is that the high-quality pigment is customized to match your skin and hair and the treatment lasts for up to two years.

(credit: Instagram/lorealhair)

(credit: Instagram/lorealhair)

Washed Out Hair Color

If you’re walking around with faded hair color and thinking of getting a touch up…don’t! Washed out pastels are definitely in this season, including blorange (a mixture of blonde and orange), bleached out grey, and light purple. It takes a few steps to get this look, but it’s a pretty fun way to show off your personality. We suggest going to a professional for this one, but trusted brands like L’Oreal and Garnier also make home kits in washed out and pastel colors.

(credit: Instagram/maccosmetics)

Glossy Eyes

You may think that gloss is just for your lips, but this season you can vamp up your eye lids with a bit of shine. Products like MAC’s Mixing Medium Shine ($22) is a colorless wax-based formula that creates shiny look. Just gloss it over your favorite eyeshadow, pigment, or even glitter. If you’re on a tight budget, a simple swipe of Aquaphor or Vaseline on the eye lids will have a similar effect. Plus, your eye lids will probably thank you for the extra moisture!

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