NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Hypnosis has taken on a new focus. More and more parents are now putting their kids under a hypnotic trance, but some say the practice may be going too far.

Eric Ferrer-Alfaro, 10, has HDHD. His mother doesn’t want to medicate him, and nothing else has worked. She’s turned to hypnotism.

“We’ve tried meditation, relaxation, things like that,” Silvana Ferrer said.

She said he has trouble focusing in school, and she’s optimistic this will help.

“I’m hoping for the teachers not to call me anymore, or at least call me less,” Ferrer said.

Hypnotherapist Lisa Machenberg said she’s hypnotized close to a thousand children, including her own.

“I started hypnotizing the children at seven months to sleep quickly, calmly, soundly, and deeply all through the night,” she said.

She later hypnotized them to improve their performance in sports and at school.

She said she is essentially teaching Eric to hypnotize himself, which will help when facing a challenging task.

“Whenever you want to focus you breathe in on the word focus, exhale on the word powerful,” he said.

As Machenberg explained, the hypnosis allows him to complete homework assignments.

“When he wants to sit and do his homework, when he needs to listen to the teacher, when he needs to curb his impulses — all he needs to do is breath in that power word and it resets the neutrons,” she said.

Afterwards, a short homework session went well, and Eric hopes that continues.

“I hope it will help me because tomorrow I have a lot of division and a lot of tests on math,” he said.

Machneberg said there’s power to be harnessed.

“Let’s learn how to use hypno parenting to consciously influence our children to be more peaceful in the house, to have focused concentration,” she said.

Psychologist Dr. Sanam Hafeez said putting kids in a trance is going too far and shouldn’t take the place of good parenting skills.

“The idea is not to gain control of your child’s mind, but it’s to teach them what’s right, what’s appropriate, what’s desirable, so they can have control over their own mind,” she said.

Mental health experts say hypnosis is more appropriate to treat conditions such as extreme pain or bed wetting, or serious trauma such as the loss of a parent.



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  1. Hypnosis is safe and effective when used appropriately. The method being used here isn’t something I’ve seen before, but I have witnessed amazing results with ADHD & Car Sickness specifically. You’re not doing any harm by helping a child be able to focus. The injustice would be to not give the child a way to organise their thoughts and attain better focus. Before you judge something, please remember that practitioners are trained to do this work and educating yourself about what hypnosis really is, might help you better understand why it works. This child seems to finally have hope of feeling more normal, that is commendable.

  2. “and see if you can indoctrinate him towards liberalism while you’re at it”.

  3. Silvia Tovar says:

    Bad stuff, opening the door to the darkside, poor kids.

    1. Alexis Faith says:

      Well Silvia, you seem to be on your own thinking Hypnosis is “bad stuff” …the official American Board of Psychiatry fully accepts Hypnosis as a credible and effective therapy which helps tons of obese patients, pain suffers and addiction suffers.

  4. Darren Davis says:

    Do not, I said DO NOT take your kids to a “hypnotherapist”. They are possibly demonic and at minimum dealing with the dark side. If you are Christian, do not do it. If you are not Christian, get saved.

    1. Alexis Faith says:

      Sorry to bust your comment reasoning – but all Christian religions find Hypnosis a credible and acceptable form of therapy, just as the official, American Board of Psychiatry does. Take care.

  5. Erin has HDHD. Great editing, maybe ADHD, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder? Or maybe Erin has HDTV? Hard to know.

  6. John Woodhar says:

    I have some land for sale near a swamp.

  7. Just put them in classes run by Democrats and they WILL feel hypnotized!

  8. Mike Arvand says:

    Try unplugging the electronics and sending them outside for a change.

  9. Vox Veritas says:

    “I’m hoping for the teachers not to call me anymore, or at least call me less,” Ferrer said.

    As you can see, this child’s ‘plight’ is not about him, it’s about his mother and her comfort/convenience.

    The ‘Me Generation’ doesn’t hold a candle to today’s self-absorbed can’t-be-bothered-to-train-their-2.4-children parents.

  10. John Hill says:

    That’s right, don’t parent your kids, give then a tablet at 2 years old which screws up their brain development by over stimulating the left cerebral cortex and then after they are messed up send them to a hypnotherapist for an easy NON fix.

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