NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A Brooklyn man fell asleep on the subway, only to wake up engulfed in flames, and police say it was no accident.

“Over here, the skin is gone,” victim Piotr Olszewski told CBS2’s Brian Conybeare in an exclusive interview.

Olszewski has second-degree burns on his hands and arm after waking up on the subway in flames.

“Just everything on fire and smoke, so I was putting fire out with my bare hands,” he said.

Police said he was purposely set ablaze at 2:30 a.m. Friday on the G train as it pulled into the Court Square station in Long Island City, Queens. Olszewski was on his way home to Brooklyn from a friend’s house.

He said he stumbled off the train completely engulfed in flames and smoke. Two conductors saw him and tried to help, but the suspect, identified by police as 18-year-old Christopher Jackson, of Brooklyn, didn’t try to get away. He just stood there, bizarrely laughing.

“I was screaming from the pain.” Olszewski said. “He was enjoying it. He was still there next to me.”

Court records show the same teenager was charged with setting an arson fire in a trash can at Queens Vocational and Technical High School and two other sites back in October.

Olszewski said he hopes Jackson will get jail time and something is done to better protect subway riders.

“It’s not safe, people getting pushed onto the tracks. You know what I mean? Stabbed, robbed and now me catching on fire. Ridiculous,” he said.

He said it took all of his courage to get back on the train after getting out of the hospital burn unit.

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  1. Maybe the article has been updated, but now if you see the video snippet it includes it is clear the perp is EXACTLY the ethnicity we all expected.


      SEE FACTS BELOW you CANNOT get from this mainstream media, politically-correct BS story:

      (1) I have been harassed endlessly on my commute and jogs FOR YEARS, and I AM NOT IN THE SLIGHTEST SURPRISED BY THIS. You really need to use common sense and not be drunk or fall asleep on the subway late at night! To that extent, this guy is at fault.

      (2) It’s HILARIOUS that this is now national news. This type of thing happens ALL THE TIME around Court Square and east through LIC and south to Greenpoint. One time, a guy was kidnapped and tortured in a warehouse for a MONTH — I used to walk by there every day, not knowing what was going on. This area is FILTH.

      (3) This victim was almost certainly from Greenpoint, which is a very nice, clean, quiet enclave of POLISH PEOPLE in the middle of CHRISTOPHER JACKSON GHETTO. The Poles who live there have fought back against the ghetto for years and refused to leave. I have nothing but admiration and respect for this extremely tough, wonderful group of people who REFUSE to lower their standard of living.

      (4) It is NEW YORK CITY’S POLICIES that created the situation. It is DISCRIMINATION AGAINST the people of Greenpoint and AGAINST the residents of the LIC high-rise developments in housing and policing that cause this to happen. NEW YORK IS NOW BUILDING PUBLIC HOUSING AMID THE HIGH RISES TO RUIN THEM!!! NEW YORK CITY DOES EVERYTHING IT CAN TO FILL NEIGHBORHOODS WITH WELFARE CASES AND RELATED CRIME AND FILTH.

      1. You are a stupid FN moron to even put any of this blame on the victim. SMH

        1. You’re the moron because you can’t read. There isn’t anything he wrote that blames the victim!

          1. Lucy Jihnson says:

            I believe it says..”to that extent, he was at fault” because he fell asleep. Right at the end of his (1) paragraph.

            1. Your right Lucy, he did say it was his fault for falling asleep.

      2. Greg Coe says:

        I live in D/FW area in north Texas. I have never heard of anything like this. We certainly have our share of crime, but setting someone on fire as they slept on public transportation? We are a conceal/open carry state. Someone would have shot the perp in the face here.

    2. rytwinger says:

      I suspect a Swede, maybe Amish. Certainly NOT a peaceful, hardworking negro…..

      1. Gotta be one of them Amish.

    3. You mean he is one of those Asian kids fro the Asian ghetto? No! No! Not possible…

    4. Very sad state of affairs in our America.

    5. Michael Bosi says:

      Hey, the perp could have been Odipschmidt’s son.

  2. John Vance says:

    Give the punk a dose of his own Medicine .!!!!!

  3. Come on, don’t make a big deal out of it. The poor kid was just a Democrat protestor against Trump. So he will get told to not do it again. And thank his lucky stars he wasn’t a Republican of this left wing judge would have gave him a death sentence.

  4. The article should include a photo of the suspect.

    1. And you know what that means…

  5. Ray Williams says:

    Lock and Load NY, time to take it back!

  6. Those wacky Amish “teens”, eh?

    1. They prefer to be called amish “yuufs”

  7. Hugh Brennan says:

    We, the Deplorables, insist that you either tell the race of perps and victims in every case, or in no case. It is time to end the double standard. You, the press, have created hatred and have blood on your hands.

  8. Stu Pedasso says:

    “Olszewski said he hopes Jackson will get jail time and something is done to better protect subway riders?”

    Seriously? How about charging that knucklehead with attempted murder and sending him ‘up the river’ in a chicken wire canoe?

  9. chuckyschmucky says:

    No picture of the thug, Christopher Jackson. I assume this means that if Obama had a son, it would look like Mr. Jackson.

    1. Neil Walsh says:

      You mean if deBlasio had a son. Oh wait I forgot he does!

  10. Lulua Mahalo says:

    I hope NY law doesn’t wait for ‘three strikes your out’ before they put this creep away for life.

  11. Hang that filthy, greasy, shiftless “teen” from a lamppost…

  12. Great, if the Dindu that did this just stood there laughing at the person he was burning, I hate to think what he has done already to some poor animals. Do the world a favor and put him six feet under.

  13. Why is this a behavior surprise? We ignore the drug laws, immigration laws, alcoholism is now a disease, drug addiction is a disease one used to be a crime and the other frowned upon, beat up your wife and receive anger management classes as punishment . Governments give illegal aliens drivers licenses and identification cards, IRS provides them with taxpayer identification numbers. All this kid sees is people doing bad things and getting away with it. He knows the charges will be pled down to the lowest level of arson, he will receive anger management classes and go on his way. Welcome to the new America!

  14. John McElroy says:

    In a society that can rationalize abortion for mere convenience why is there shock at this behavior?

  15. Why is CBS, and other news sources withholding the photo of the ADULT perpetrator? Is reason because he’s not a Caucasian Trump supporter? AND CBS wonders why they are viewed as a FAKE news source!

    1. By not identifying the suspect we know he is a non white.

    2. Maybe they are withholding it until authorities can inform the family that their son is a psychopath.

    3. Yes, it’s called “reading between the lines”.

  16. Trump has to load the court with conservatives and pass concealed carry for law abiding citizens. Then we can start killing these subhumans because judges will let them off and jail is not even a punishment it is a family gathering.

    1. I read these stories from the safety of my own southwestern city, and I wonder why you all stay in NYC. Chicago is roughly 2 1/2 times the size of my city. They have crips and bloods, they have outlaw motorcycle gangs, they have Haitian drug posses, Mexican drug gangs, Central American drug gangs, serial killers,crazy people, couples that don’t get along so well, garden variety armed robbers,rapists and the toughest gun laws in the nation–and about 700 murders per year. We have crips and bloods, outlaw motorcycle gangs–we’re on the Mexican border, where factories,crank out meth by the ton. We have Haitian drug posses, Mexican drug gangs, Central American drug gangs, serial killers, crazy people, couples that don’t get along so well, garden variety armed robbers,rapists and NO gun laws–and about 50 murders per year. And you call US the wild west…

  17. Remember bernard ghetz, something like that. He shot a bunch of thugs on the train, that is what we need more of. This clown that sets people ablaze needs a bullet in his head, for the betterment of society.

  18. hitrestart1 says:

    Let me guess…..the fire-starter was another oppressed dindu nuffin.

  19. Some people should not be allowed to live…and after doing the same multiple time, should be knocked in the head!

  20. Why is it, when these subhumans serve notice they are not fit to live in a civil society, they are let out, only to do the same thing again? The people responsible for their release must be held accountable?

  21. Thank God the victim was not killed. I hope the guilty demon spends the rest of his sadistic life behind bars.

  22. Ronald Payne says:

    Must be one of Obamas sons. A Democrat for sure.

    1. Are you kidding me? This fine young man is a good kid, he had a bright future ahead of him on his way to becoming a upstanding contributing to society citizen. He was just being a kid and does not deserve to be punished for doing a stupid kid prank.

  23. Hmm….’Teen” huh? I think I’ve deciphered the MSM codetalking for that that actually means.

    Because I can be sure if it were a white male setting people on fire that mug shot would be all over the front page.

    1. How long until it is made the man’s fault for falling asleep and a law is passed making it illegal to fall asleep on public transportation? I am sure that is what the mayor of NY would like. After all, we cannot blame the teen who did this. His safe space may have been disturbed by the sleeping g man somehow.

    2. Harry Buskin says:

      Hmmm, you think? The style of reporting sure seems to follow a familiar pattern …

  24. Grizz Mann says:

    Was he the one that started a fire in DC and said screw President Obama? Or was that his brother?

  25. Somwrt Lftur says:

    This suspect will never be productive. When you start setting people on fire you need to be euthanized. Just that simple. If let out he will hurt many other people.

  26. Alan Pine says:

    ….. lets see.. THIS IS A HATE CRIME? OH WAIT.. we don’t know as the “youth”s identity photo has been mysteriously left out of the story.

  27. Ahh…the standard liberal press code word for this feral animal turd…”teen”. The ethnic composition of this “teen” was…wait for it…never mind! You got it.

  28. This type of crime should be punished with the Death Penalty. How about burning at the stake in the public square so we all can have a laugh? I know this sentiment is ‘over the edge’ but its just about the only impression you can make on these thrill seekers. We don’t need them to corrupt our society anyway. So perhaps we should get serious about fixing their problem. For you bleeding hearts out there, this animal didn’t consider for a second that he was killing a human being. That, in my mind, warrants a death penalty. Don’t like to execute people and don’t like war. But some times you just have to do what you have to do to make our society a better place to live. Feel free to disagree with me and call me names. You know it’s true regardless. Even if you are a Christian you know it to be true. Or was Moses wrong when he had several of his people stoned to death for violation of the law?

  29. Find Mr Jackson. Put him in a locked cage. Set him on fire. Turn-about is fair play.

  30. Everyone in New York should know that the “G” stands for “Girl, don’t ride that train”. And those folks trying to speculate what paint job the assailant has…it’s the G train. Put it together.

    1. The Victim looks like a “skin head” or something, so the stupid idiot thought he was a “White Supremacist” so the mentally ill leftist thought it would be great to set him on fire.

  31. This is truly a product of the Obama Years. Anything goes as long as you hate anyone different than you are.

  32. Mayor Hillary will bring to “heel” those “super-predators” with “no conscience, no empathy.” (And we know who ‘they’ are.

  33. Jason Watson says:

    Jackson is just another oppressed democrat, I’m sure. Leftism is a cancer and needs to be cut out.

    1. jimeejohnson says:

      He’s stupid white trash like you.

      1. How do you know he was white? And how do you no he is not mentally ill? Lots of them “protesting” and putting things on fire. Sounds like you one bitter dem…

      2. Jason Watson says:

        Aw, poor snowflake. Truth put sand in your vajayjay?

  34. Can we see a picture of Christoper Jackson? I’m sure it’s the KKK?

  35. Russ Ramey says:

    no picture of the perp? Gee, what does that tell us? Even Hillary would be a better mayor than the NYC DeBlasio, He is putting the criminals back in charge…

    1. John Harold says:

      It really has become that simple, hasn’t it?
      He should be set on fire, the little perp.

  36. This is why America is so angry. You have one group of people who refuse to follow the law, refuse to get an education or a job, and refuse to be productive members of society, only to create a gang that demands that they be treated with the same respect and consideration as the rest of us law-abiding citizens.

    Obama’s plan for America is certainly playing out.

    Obama and his liberal cronies hate the Constitution and free market capitalism. He destroyed our economy with measures like the ACA and immigration amnesty. The “Affordable” Care Act has been nothing short of a disaster. My health insurance bill is up to $450/month. (Compare this to my $25/month auto insurance from Insurance Panda or my $10/month renters insurance from Eagle… both private enterprise!)

    You will be dodging bullets and living through race riots for the foreseeable future as the country and the mainstream media stops paying attention and turns to other things.

    GET A JOB.

    Do these things and you’d be surprised at how fast all those chains fall off.

  37. Lehi Sellers says:

    One wonders what the IQ of the perpetrator is.

    The average violent criminal has an IQ of ~85. Bet his is close.

  38. Mike Wilson says:

    Life in prison. No parole.

  39. So the victim “hopes Jackson gets some jail time.” If I was the victim, I’d demand life imprisonment for Jackson. Seriously, why should anyone have to ever again wonder what he’ll do next?

  40. These type of things happening are a direct result of the courts making the states close insane asylums years ago.

  41. Morey Ladini says:

    A woman I knew who worked at inner city schools said trashcan arson was at least a weekly event there. It doesn’t even make the local news, until one of the Little Angels decided to “think outside the box” and managed to FLOOD a middle school on opening week.

  42. “Teen” with no photo ? . Well everyone knows what that means.

  43. AJ Franz says:

    Ever wonder how many elbows it would take to cave someones face in?


  45. OK, the perp sounds like a psycho and deserves to be locked up, period.

  46. John Hill says:

    Another psychopath. Trouble is he’ll be back on the streets in no time only to escalate his attacks.

  47. kimmiechoo says:

    Curious as to why no photo was shown of the perp?

    1. If he was white there would be a picture.

      1. Jimmy Zick says:

        And it would be in the headline.

        1. Zar PK says:

          The left-wing journalist in this case chose a PC lie of omission for a Negro “teen” on white violence, which would not have been done if the races were reversed. The left-wing PC lying media is trying to keep us blind and ignorant of the pattern here that Negro on every other race is out of control. And not keeping Negroes collectively accountable for their violence is what the PC left-wing media double standard does. It stinks!

  48. Mark Smith says:

    Christopher Jackson, another zany Norwegian.

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