HOUSTON (WFAN) — Not only is Troy Aikman not surprised to see the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI, he says he wouldn’t be surprised to see them back in the big game again very soon.

“They’ve had a great year all season long, and of course they’ve scored a lot of points,” the Hall of Famer and Fox analyst told WFAN’s Mike Francesa on Monday. “And the defense is young — really young. I really believe, Mike, that this is a team that people ought to get used to seeing because they’re going to be around a while, in my opinion. I think this defense is going to become one of the real defensive teams like we’ve seen from Seattle — and certainly that’s what they’re modeling things after.”

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To listen to the interview, in which Aikman also discusses how the Patriots might attack the Falcons’ high-octane offense and more, click on the audio player below.


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