NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Six months and two days after the Queens jogger’s death, police are questioning a suspect in Karina Vetrano‘s murder, sources tell CBS2.

Sources say the suspect is a man in his 20s from East New York, Brooklyn. He was taken into custody around 6 p.m. Saturday and brought to the 106th Precinct station house for questioning.

Sources tell CBS2 police say they have “solid evidence” linking him to the crime.

The 30-year-old Vetrano was strangled when she went for a run alone in Spring Creek Park on Aug. 2 of last year. Later that night, her father found her battered body in a marsh not far from their Howard Beach home. 

Investigators found DNA on her body, but it did not match anyone in the data banks.

Earlier this week, her parents, Phil and Cathy Vetrano, asked the state to allow familial DNA testing, which allows investigators to see if a suspect’s relative is in the DNA system, potentially leading them to the killer.

“I will stop at nothing, nothing until we have this implemented in the state of New York,” Phil said.

“Her last moment alive was fighting this evil savage. We cannot let her efforts go in vain,” Cathy said. 

Just last week, NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce talked about a possible break in the case.

“Each day, we have a strong lead. We have one right now,” he said. “There’s a lot of data diving here, there’s phone, cell information we’re looking at. We have gone through every summons that was given, every arrest that was given from the 106th Precinct right into the 75th and 73rd.”

Neighbors in Howard Beach rejoiced when they heard the news Saturday night.

“Fantastic, just wow, put it to rest, and God bless the family,” one man said.

“I’m kind of like scared, you know I’ve got to watch my back since this story,” another said.

At this time, no charges have been filed.