MOUNT KISCO, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Some drivers are getting the boot in a scam that police in Mount Kisco say has been going on for weeks.

As CBS2’s Raegan Medgie reported Tuesday, a privately-owned parking lot at 200 E. Main St. in Mount Kisco is the focus of a police investigation after some people parked there noticed something that didn’t seem right.

Leah Diamond of Leicht Designer said she saw “a nice yellow boot on the front wheel.”

Police said it is a scam, and it happened to Diamond two weeks ago. She parks in the lot for work.

“I got a little upset, but as soon as I realized I had a boot, a guy came out of a parked car in the same lot and approached me from and explained he was part of the towing company from the landlord,” Diamond said.

But despite an old sign saying ABC 24 Hour Towing of Westchester County will boot and tow unauthorized vehicles, the owner of the parking lot said she is not employing a towing company. Neither are the tenants.

“There was a little handwritten note on car window as well that said, ‘Please call this number to remove the boot,’ but he was already here, ready to assist,” Diamond said.

At first, the unidentified man demanded money. But he ended up taking off the boot when the woman talked him out of it.

Others weren’t so lucky.

“Right next to me, there was another car that had a boot on it,” Diamond said.

In order to legally boot a vehicle in Mount Kisco, police say towing companies need a permit to do so. However right now, there are no towing companies registered in the village.

Thus, police say if you see a boot on your vehicle, immediately dial 911.

Meanwhile, customers in the lot where the booting was happening said they would be cautious.

“It makes me a little more aware of where I am parking and a little nervous,” said Celeste Trombetti. “I wouldn’t want my car booted.”

Westchester County police have sent out an alert to residents letting them know the boots are bogus.


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