NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Several dogs – including an NYPD K9 – were shocked by electricity hidden under a sidewalk.

A West Village man was walking his dogs, Lola and Teddy, along West 10th Street on Saturday. Suddenly, the dogs started howling in pain.

The dogs had stepped on a charged utility cover buried under the pavement.

The effect is known as stray voltage – when a current electrifies something that is not meant to be charged.

“They started making these like agonizing screams like I’ve never heard from a dog before,” said dog owner Drew Macklin. “It’s totally scary, because when you walk down a sidewalk, you would never think that a concrete slab is, you know, electrified.”

Officers from a nearby police station heard the dog’s cries. A police K9 was also zapped.

Con Edison said salt mixed with melting snow is to blame. Salty water becomes a conductor and shocks the dogs’ bare paws.

The dogs are OK.

  1. This is not the first time this has happened. People wear shoes to protect from that where dogs do not. However, Booties w/ rubber soles for dogs are a thing.

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