NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — There has been an apparent immigration scam traveling through Queens and other parts of the city.

Uniformed men, claiming to be Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers have been shaking down New Yorkers who appear to be Latino.

The four men looked official, even down to the ICE lettering on their jackets. They stopped a man on a street off of Roosevelt Avenue, and demanded cash — otherwise he’d be taken in.

As 1010 WINS Al Jones reported, Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer said the man handed over $250.

“No ICE agent is going to demand money, cash in order to be let go,” he said.

Van Bramer said fear of deportation has been ratcheted up by the new administration.

“There are a lot of people who are on edge, there are a lot of people who are fearful, and that has created an opportunity for some who would prey upon innocent people,” he said.

The NYPD is investigating, Van Bramer said he does not believe this was a one time scam.

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  1. Larry Jones says:

    Good ! Whatever it takes to get them out of our country.

  2. ICE imposters shaking down ILLegals,… doing the jobs that the Americanos won’t do.

  3. Mike Arvand says:

    If they’re not illegal, they have nothing to fear.

    1. Eugene Kim says:

      Aside from being “arrested” at gunpoint, “taken into custody” and never being seen again – no, nothing to fear at all.

  4. Su Yu says:

    If I was an illegal alien,…I’d go home ASAP.

  5. Jim Morrison says:

    Federales in Mexico do this to people all the time so the Illegals fall for it.

  6. jcx2 says:

    How is this possible? I thought the uber-protective mayor made NY an illegal haven. I guess he only protects them from the Federal Government….maybe deterring the Police from doing their job made scammers bolder. Un-intended consequencs happen when Socialistic Progressive Demigods take over.

  7. Glad to see people taking action. Evry little bit helps.

  8. Al Sharpton would shake them down.

    1. Al-not-so-Sharpton is probably one of the fake ICE agents.

  9. Should read, Democrats posing as…

  10. James Bacon says:

    I wish I would’ve thought of tjis. I could use some vacation cash

  11. Paul Trott says:

    Well it does make sense. Queens is a target rich environment.

  12. Chuck Yates says:


  13. Loos like the Clintons have found another way to shake down the minority groups.

  14. David Alster says:

    The victims come from a country where real ICE agents demand payment, so they think that is the way it is done here. They come from the land of the “bribe culture” where the first thing immigration officers do is take your cash.

  15. Terry Marie says:

    The scammers aren’t “preying on innocent people.” Innocent people wouldn’t pay. They’re preying on the guilty. C’est la vie.

  16. Bokshil Kim says:

    FAKE ICE made possible by liberals and Obama.

  17. blenderrecipes says:

    One easy step to avoid being a victim of this type of crime:


  18. While I hope the scammers are caught and punished I hope the welcoming environment that encourages illegals to come here and abuse our welfare system and medical system is coming to an end. Perhaps we’ll have even more self deportations.

  19. Jen Magnus says:

    If they just go back home, this won;t be a problem.


  21. Gee, sometimes you just gotta take matters into your own hands….

  22. LIBERAL = Lying Idealistic Bigoted Entitled Racists Against Liberty

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