JERSEY CITY, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — you’ve probably heard of the ‘do not call’ list, but now some people want a ‘do not knock’ registry.

Many homeowners said they want to silence what they said are constant calls from aggressive developers who want to buy their properties.

Kim Griffin said her family has owned several properties in the Bergen Lafayette neighborhood of Jersey City for more than 50 years. It’s home and they don’t plan to leave despite constant door knocks by developers asking them to sell.

“People have been coming through Gardner Avenue asking, ‘do you want to sell?’ I say, ‘no, I’m not selling, because where will I live,” she told CBS2’s Meg Baker.

Her son Michael Griffin brought the issue to the city council asking them to create a no-knock registry,

“People were getting not only knocks on the door, but phone calls at their job, people would come home ten, eleven o’clock at night people would be standing on their front porch, so it’s been frustrating to the community,” he said.

The no knock ordinance is meant to protect homeowners who said they feel harassed by constant solicitations.

“You see developers, realtors, agents, individuals walking the community. And they definitely come to your home more than once and don’t take no for an answer,” Pamela Johnson said.

The council sought input from community leaders.

“To make sure that the Jewish hacidic community, and the Jewish community at large in Jersey city, we were able to sit down and find out what was going on,” Lois Fernandez, pastor, Fountain of Salvation Church said.

“Look around. Jersey City is a vibrant community and specific neighborhoods are more affordable, it attracts people from expensive neighborhoods in Brooklyn especially,” David Rosenberg, Hudson County Jewish Business Alliance explained.

City leaders said some areas do need redevelopment, but homeowners should not be undercut.

“Very important to know how much property is worth,” Griffin said.

Religious leaders also urged residents to welcome the diversity of new residents and the potential investment in Jersey City neighborhoods.

The ordinance will be introduced next week. If passed, residents will be able to sign up at city hall. A decal would be put on houses on the no knock list.

Violators of the registry would face criminal charges.


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