NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Kevin Bacon’s been in a lot of films, from “Footloose,” to “Animal House,” “Apollo 13” and “JFK.”

But Bacon’s start in show business started in college. A small role in “Animal House” turned into a big role on the dance floor in “Footloose,” CBS2’s Mary Calvi reported.

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“I was always the boy at school who had no problem getting up there and dancing, but I wasn’t a trained dancer,” Bacon said.

That’s where he said body doubles came in — from dancers to gymnasts — which although he knows was necessary for the movie’s moves, still irks him.

“I’m still slightly irritated about it, like 40 years later,” Bacon said.

Bacon hasn’t just been in movies, he’s also in a band with his brother, Michael Bacon.

The Bacon Brothers have been playing professionally together since the 90s.

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Today, they’re recording new music that they’ll take on the road starting in March.

With music and the dozens of movies and television series, came a game. Nearly 20 ago, “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” was created, challenging players to connect celebrities to Bacon in as few links as possible.

While never a big fan of it, he’s learned to live with it.

“Every day I wake up and say thank god I am zero degrees from myself,” Bacon said.

Six Degrees is also the name of Kevin Bacon’s foundation connecting celebrities with charities when they’re on the road filming.

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You can catch the Bacon Brothers in Atlantic City on March 25.