By Bryan Altman

For most fans of Drake, merely seeing the superstar rapper in concert is an experience they’ll remember for a lifetime. But one fan who was at Drake’s concert recently — who’s also a Giants/Odell Beckham Jr. fan — had an experience unlike any other.

In the middle of the show, Drake stopped the concert after spotting the fan wearing Beckham Jr.’s jersey and grabbed the jersey from the fan.

Drake held it up and said “Odell, you see this?” making it clear that the star wide receiver was there as well.

Then, Drake took it a step further and said, “shout out to my brother, Odell. He’s right there, too, we’ve got to get him to sign that.”

The fans roared and Drake jetted down the alleyway between the stage and his fans towards Beckham Jr. to get him to sign the jersey and make a fan’s day.

See a Drake concert? Check.

Get Odell Beckham Jr. to sign your jersey at said Drake concert? Check.

Not a bad day.


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