NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — It’s all fun and games at the Javits Center this weekend, because the toy fair is in town.

From learning the ukulele to duking it out at Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots, CBS2’s Ali Bauman checked out the more than 1,100 exhibitors unveiling their new products for 2017.

One big trend was collectibles, like the new Shopkins Cutie Cars.

“It’s just something that’s in us, we love building collections,” said Sheena Stephens, of Moose Toys.

“Another trend we’re seeing is getting kids up and active,” said Adrienne Appel, of the Toy Industry Association.

For graceful riders, the lithium powered skateboards make electronics active.

Of course, the show is all about kids, but some toys proved that play time can be for adults too, Bauman reported.

Just take the re-imagined Teddy Ruxpin, who’s had a makeover since he first came out in 1985. But even with LCD eyes and a motorized mouth, parents are sure to feel nostalgic.

“It gives you a shared experience and something a parent experienced 25, 30 years ago. There’s really nothing like the emotional connection toys bring to the table,” said Jeremy Padawer, of Wicked Cool Toys.

The toy show is not open to the public, but most of the products will hit the shelves this fall. In the meantime, many of those on display will be donated to local organizations when the show closes on Tuesday.