HAUPPAUGE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A Long Island community is coming together to help raise awareness for one little girl born with a rare skin disease.

Makenzie Cadmus, of Hauppauge, was born with epidermolysis bullosa —  a rare hereditary connective tissue disorder which causes painful blisters all over the body. Every day, Makenzie’s body must be covered in bandages, to prevent her delicate skin from injuries that could lead to breakouts.

“There are things I am sure somebody else would be in tears with,” Liz Cadmus said. “And it doesn’t seem to faze her.”

Most of Makenzie’s day is spent on a changing table with her mother, and several caregivers by her side.

“We wash her with an acetic acid wash to keep the bacteria down, and then we rinse with normal saline so that it doesn’t dry the skin too much,” Cadmus said.

Depending on the severity of the skin, Makenzie can spend anywhere between four and seven hours having her wounds dressed and undressed.

There is no cure for E.B. right now, so the best thing that the Cadmus family can do is manage her the best they can until a cure is found.

That’s where #RockTheSocks comes in. Last year, the Hauppauge High School football team joined other members of the community to raise awareness for little Makenzie’s struggle, putting socks on their hands to mimic the bandages she has to wear every day.

“And it wasn’t a town I grew up in, it’s my husband’s town” Cadmus said. “And everyone has been so amazing.”

On Wednesday, Makenzie’s first birthday, CBS2’s Chris Wragge and the whole CBS2 morning show team also showed their support to help find a cure.

“She’s like a magnet — she’s been magnet to draw the community together, she’s been a magnet to draw our family together,” Cadmus said. “She just has a light about her that helps light up our lives.”

If you want to get involved, head to Makenzie’s Facebook page and post a picture like the one above with the hashtag #RockTheSocks.



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