STAMFORD, Conn. (CBSNewYork) — A Stamford, Connecticut chapel was the site of a bizarre crime this week, when police said a naked woman broke through a window and started smashing down doors and walls.

As CBS2’s Tony Aiello reported, the pastor was taking it all in a day later.

“Yesterday was my first anniversary here!” said the Rev. Carlos Rodrigues, “What a gift, right?”

Rodrigues can laugh a day later. But the damage is significant and the scare was real during the Wednesday incident.

A naked woman was seen wildly swinging a fire extinguisher in the basement chapel of the Rectory of the church of St. Clement.

“She was like a human tornado — just ripped through the place very fast!” Rodrigues said.

Stamford police said Celina Kelly, 32, was high on drugs Wednesday when she broke a window to gain access to the chapel. Marks were left on the door, which police said she broke down with the fire extinguisher.

Kelly went on to kick and punch holes in the drywall of the boiler room behind the chapel, police said.

“Can’t believe a human being did that,” Rodrigues said, “but on the drugs, you can do anything – I mean, you have that extra strength, whatever you want to call it.

Rodrigues said the suspect was apparently looking for something.

“A bomb — she kept saying: ‘Where the F is the bomb? The bomb, the bomb!’” he said.

It appeared that Kelly started removing her clothes as she approached the rectory, police said. Officers found some of her apparel up by the road, and her hoodie on a stone wall outside the building.

As luck would have it, a Stamford police officer drove through the church parking lot on routine targeted patrol just as it all unfolded.

“As soon as backup got there we all went in, and apprehended her and put her into custody,” said Stamford police Lt. Diedrich Hohn.

Hohn said the suspect did not put up a fight.

“No, she was compliant at that point,” he said. “I think she lost a lot of steam from what she was doing inside the rectory.”

Father Rodrigues invites prayers for the church, and for the woman who damaged it.

“Regardless of what she did, she’s still a child of God, you know?” he said.

Police said Kelly has no fixed address. She is charged with burglary and criminal mischief.

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  1. Democrat women are still acting out because Hilary lost to the Trumpster,they really are losers.

  2. “Regardless of what she did, she’s still a child of God, you know?” he said.” Mean ‘ol Christian!

  3. waydel58 says:

    Trump’s fault, he made her to do this.

  4. Was she old and dried up? Probably either Madonna or Streep.

  5. Bob Suyak says:

    Probably lost her pink p.ssy hat and couldn’t handle it.

  6. Mark David says:

    That is definitely FUGLY.

  7. LOL, “A priest thats taking it all in”

    1. Matt Brooks says:

      How long has it been since you have forgotten how to blush or have your conscience bother you?

  8. Dwight Davis says:

    Soros funded protester?

  9. It’s never anyone that is halfway decent looking who runs naked in public.

  10. She is just longing for the Obama years.

  11. This Priest does Not know a Demonic being from a Godly being.
    Godly people serve God and stay humble.

  12. Darren Davis says:
    GANG STALKING: Gaslighted By The god Of This World (she needs Christ)

    1. Smith Dee says:

      absolutely she needs the cleansing power of the Lord Jesus Christ – Maranatha !

  13. Craig Hobson says:

    Sounds like meth to me.

    1. Meth or something stronger (Fentanyl) – guaranteed!! These addicts never learn!! Gambling with their lives!!

  14. Liberals must remain on the meds or they become a threat to society.

  15. Sparky Mills says:

    Another Hillary-voter suffering from “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

    1. What’s next – arming the priests, pastors etc?? I think half of the USA is on illegal “drugs”! Just look at the amount of c*ap that comes from mexico + what is manufacured here!! Trump had better STOP this mexico drug trafficking – or America is going to have a generation-of-zombies!!

  16. Carl Quick says:

    Google Who would Jesus tax

  17. Hoo-rah for the Stamford Police.

  18. David Sheats says:

    I thought maybe it was Hillary still wailing and upset over the election. Maybe she released some demons?

    1. And she has a LOT to release after 30+ yrs as VP. of the Clinton mafia!!

  19. Jose Garcia says:

    If drugs were legal, this would not have happened. All drugs should be legal. Then we will live in peace and harmony.

    1. Without a doubt you are one of the dumbest humans on the planet.

      1. Don’t they have sarcasm on the planet ‘tard?

    2. If you believe that – then I have a bridge to sell you!! Duh!!

  20. Do a search for a picture of the perpetrator.

    She is definitely guilty

  21. Alt Bart says:

    Fr. you should know better. She was made in God’s image, but she is not a “Child of God” unless she was baptized.

  22. Is anybody surprised by her ethnicity???

  23. But, drug use is a VICTIMLESS crime!

    OTOH, just seeing that naked should be considered aggravated assault.

  24. I hope the male cops that had to see this don’t come down with permanent erectile dysfunction.

  25. As weird as this crime was, the report also revealed that the Boiler Room’s walls were not solid fire proof concrete blocks. Should the local Building Dept. not be notified?

  26. Jack Inmanz says:

    I was going to say, “Pics or it didn’t happen” but when I read she was knocking down doors and walls I decided I really didn’t want to see it.

  27. Andy Stone says:

    Where`s the issue? Cows don’t wear clothes.

  28. Frank Lee says:

    It’s pretty clear that Celina Kelly is a pseudonym for Kellyanne Conway.

    1. Andy Stone says:

      Spitting image of Michael obama.

  29. Greg Galpin says:

    Demonic. Maybe fueled by drugs… but really – why single out a church for that rampage? Demonic activity is RAMPANT in America, since we’ve codified spitting in God’s face.

  30. Liberal, progressive, meltdown….. Isn’t it time that we had a woman in the white house???

    No, Hillary, not if it is you…or your deranged followers….

  31. Don Rhudy says:

    Wow! Ain’t you glad this babe is not your girlfriend?

  32. John Mazza says:

    Uh, drugs are bad, m’kay…

  33. Rob Lynn says:

    Yep. You guessed it.

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