Perry, the founder of New York Street Food, brings you his latest review on New York City street food.

We love the variety of food available on the streets of NYC. You can get everything from Jamaican to Japanese cuisine for lunch, but sometimes you just want comfort food. For us, Jewish deli is comfort food, especially in the winter, when heartier meals are needed.

As you may have heard, more and more Jewish delis are closing, with the Carnegie Deli being the latest casualty. Luckily, Deli & Dogz is there to fill the void for one of the most quintessential of NYC foods.

Deli & Dogz originally started out as Katz & Dogz, but ran into legal trouble with the Katz’s Deli folks. They had to change their name, but the menu is still the same.

One of our favorite deli meals is salami & eggs, which they don’t make here. The next best thing is a salami sandwich on rye with mustard, which costs $11. You may think $11 is a lot to pay for a salami sandwich, but there are several factors that make it worthwhile.

First, they use Hebrew National salami, which is a good quality salami. They also stack it really high. Take a look at the photo above. Now that’s a sandwich!

(credit: Perry R.)

You also get a choice of cole slaw or potato salad, and a whole sour pickle, not one or two pickle spears, but a whole pickle.

If you aren’t a big salami fan, there are plenty of other options. Deli & Dogz is more well-known for its pastrami anyway, even calling itself The Pastrami Truck. You can’t go wrong with their pastrami, corned beef, a reuben, or simply a hot dog and knish. Whatever you order, you’ll end up full and happy.

You can find the Deli & Dogz truck on Twitter here, which seems to be their only social media presence, but they hit the usual food truck spots in midtown and downtown.

(credit: Perry R.)