NEW YORK (WFAN) — Mike Francesa blasted the NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell on Tuesday, a day after league owners approved the Raiders’ move to Las Vegas.

“This is a league that as recently as 2013 would not even consider the Pro Bowl to be in Vegas. After that would not even allow a California team to put a preseason game in Vegas,” the WFAN host said on his show. “They considered that to be just absolutely sacrilegious to consider such a thing. But now because they could not, could not, get the tax money they wanted out of Oakland and they found a place, they found a municipality that would give them the money, all of a sudden, they are open arms to Las Vegas, but with the provision that this has not in any way — and he (Goodell) actually said this with a straight face — this has not in any way changed our feelings about gambling.

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“You’ve moved your team to Las Vegas, and you haven’t changed your opinion about gambling? Pete Roselle wouldn’t let his teams fly over Vegas, much less stop there.”

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Goodell has lost all credibility, Francesa said.

“Remember this is the same Goodell who wants to tell you that he’s anti-gambling who also got out there and told you that daily fantasy is not gambling when anybody with a brain — a half of brain — knows that it completely is,” Francesa said. “But this is the same man who told you there was nothing, nothing to the concussion findings of a brilliant doctor and did everything he could to discredit that doctor.

“What it’s about again is the NFL will sell its soul, its history, its legacy and its heart for a cheap buck. That is the history of Goodell’s NFL.”

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