NEW YORK (WFAN) — Should it have been a penalty or not?

On Oct. 21, 2011, WFAN’s Mike Francesa wanted to get an opinion straight from Darrelle Revis regarding the cornerback’s controversial 100-yard interception return for a touchdown against the Miami Dolphins on Monday night.

Well, he got it all right. And then Francesa — and listeners across the Tri-State area — got a dial tone.

The interview started innocently enough. Revis gave a quick recap of New York’s 24-6 win over the Dolphins. That was followed by a preview of the Jets’ Week 7 matchup at home against Philip Rivers and the  San Diego Chargers.

Then Francesa began to push Revis on the play where the corner, as he made the crucial interception, appeared to pull at the jersey of Dolphins receiver Brandon Marshall.

That’s when things got heated — in a hurry.

“I can say whatever I want to say,” exclaimed Revis, who insisted it was a clean play. “Did the ref throw the flag?”

No, Francesa replied, he didn’t.

“OK then!” said Revis. “I mean, this is the game, brother. What are you talking about?”

Francesa and Revis went back and forth on the issue for nearly four minutes.

“You are still the only one in the world who doesn’t think that was a penalty,” said Francesa.

“I don’t care!” said Revis, clearly annoyed. “I don’t care what everybody thinks! I don’t care what you think. I don’t care what the whole world thinks.

“You’re good at interviewing,” he added. “I’m good at what I do. Just leave it at that!”

A male voice was heard on Revis’ end toward what was to be the end of the interview. He said “Darrelle, stop,” and identified himself as Jared Winley of the Jets’ PR staff.

Revis was directed to hang up — and that was that.

Winley later called off-air to apologize on behalf of Revis for the sudden ending.

“In my judgment, given the tone of the interview, I should have asked Mike to move on to another topic, instead of instructing Darrelle to hang up the phone,” Winley said in a statement. “That was an error on my part. I’ve called Mike’s producer, and I apologized.”

Said Francesa: Apology accepted.

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  1. Bernard Meenaghan says:

    Has Phil Mushnik ever got you pegged Mike! No matter who you interview, it always has to be about you. Fortunately, more and more listeners are saying “enough” to your arrogance, rudeness, and bombast. Hopefully, The Jets and Mets will both eliminate you from their roster of interviewers. There are many other hosts on WFAN who elicit sensible and sensitive comments and information from their guests. We don’t want you, and WFAN doesn’t need you!!! Steve Sommers is a better show, not to mention Joe & Evan. By the way, at 1.00pm I switch to a music station.

    1. Vince says:

      Come on Jets fans. You’ve been the OTHER team in town for over 40 yrs. Now you have a big mouth head coach who talks but doesn’t deliver and that apparently is enough for the fan base. Let’s be honest. Francessa is the fat kid that nobody wanted on their team. Maybe right field or catcher if you had to. But that fat kid has tougher skin than the millionaire Jets D-back. If you can’t take a little ribbing don’t take the big check. Not in this town anyway.

      1. Chris Deacon says:

        Vince, you’re insane. He hangs up on any caller who questions him or backs him into a corner. He never admitts he’s wrong. (See Tony Bennett or Brandon Marshall for reason examples) Reason why is he was that fat kid not picked to play kickball and he has issues about it.

        That being said, I also agree that Revis is thin skinned. But that doesn’t mean he can’t handle this town. Just be like every other Jet since Brett Favre and stay away from Francesa.

      2. Matoumatou says:

        It wasn’t Revis, are you kidding? That fatso has thicker skin? I wonder if Fatso would have kept telling Revis that he mugged Marshall on his pick 6 if they were face to face?
        Francesca is very knowledgeable about sports and dining, But he does not know when how to admit he’s wrong or when to shut his big mouth! He was only emphatic that the play was a penalty because Gruden called it a blatant penalty. Then the other two in the booth agreed. None of them really took a good look at the play because none of them even mentioned that (maybe) Marshall had slipped on the play and was running into Revis! When Revis told Fatso that Marshall slipped on the play, Fatso began laughing! He told Fatso that it wasn’t a penalty, and to get a grip, Fatso then should have left it alone. but Francessa cannot do that! Fatso, after the play was dropped goes on and takes another jab at Revis making a smartass comment! Revis would have started Bitch Slapping Francessa if they were talking face to face!

        I’m sure if it were Cromardi in Revis’ place all refs on field would have probably threwca flag !

        The bottom line is that Fatass hates the Jets. Ever since his buddy Parcells left the Jets he has always been sour on them. I hear he is that way against the Mets also. Wonder why ? Maybe it’s because he’s a Yankee and Giant fan?

        Francessa is a big bully over the phone, always hanging up on callers that do not agree with him. You will never hear Him admit that he is ever wrong over the air! But face to face I’m sure he’d be singing a different toon!!

        I wouldn’t care if they got rid of him, but I would miss hearing him go into his tantrums from time to time.

    2. Steve says:

      I will say this…at first I thought it was a penalty. Now watching it in slow mo a bunch of times, you will see Brandon Marshall drive into revis after 5 yards on his route which should have been a penalty on Marshall. Revis ends up playing the ball, yes he grabbed his jersey quickly after Marshall drove through him, but revis plays the ball and gets the INT.
      I think what revis was arguing was, unintelligently, was that contact happens all the time and there are plenty of times the WR contacts him etc where a flag doesn’t get thrown and in this particular case Marshall ran through him so he grabbed him, but in the end he was aware of where the ball was and Brandon was not. Hence the pick 6 and no penalty……

      1. Roundabout Steve says:

        I agree. Marshall charged into Revis and then the pushing and hand-play started. Marshall cut and Revis picked off the ball. That’s also what the refs saw and why no one threw a flag. Yet, Francesa asks Revis if he’s the only one on the world who didn’t think it was a penalty (Francesa also cites Gruden) Qucik answer Francesa: THE OFFICIALS.
        More pomposity, arrogance and rudeness from Francesaw (Who also refuses to admit he doesnt like Rex Ryan and the Jets lol )

    3. Ben Dover says:

      The rumors have it that when the FAN moved to their new location, they had to make all the doorways extra wide so that Mike’s head would be able to get into the studio.

    4. amazins1 says:

      good post! i think a “24” minute no calls into mike’s show on monday in honor of DR would be a great idea !!!!

    5. Me says:

      Exactly…MIKE is the only radio personality that thinks he knows more than everyone else..he’s rude to callers and atheletes. WFAN..wake up and smell the coffee, the guy needs to go. He needs medication..

    6. bobby de says:

      Just listened to Mike’s Sunday show. What did you expect? Obviously, the screener did an excellent job. Interesting, but he admitted that perhaps 50% of the audience disagrees with his opinion and that’s okay. Making peace with the listeners/callers? He has to understand many people object to his on air style because of his know-it-all persona, his interviews where he asks questions and answers them before the guest has a chance to speak and his rudeness to callers if they disagree with him. In regards to the Revis play, many papers have printed the NFL rule regarding to the specfici incident involving Revis and you know what, the explanation said the official makiing the non-call was right! And, finally, did Mike really expect Revis to admit it was interference? And, he kept pressing him to say so. I think this incident has perhaps awakened Mike to understand that he may not be as secure as he thought he was and that he should be careful how he confronts people, in or out of the game. Hey, don’t be a saint but choose your spots. I love crazy callers once in a while, they’re fun to listen to. But, when you have an opportunity to interview one of the best atheletes in the sports world it doesn’t make sense to make a joke out of the interview and insist to him your opinion is correct and half of your audience is wrong and then tell Revis he’s the “only one in the world” who didn’t think it was interference.

  2. Frank Giampino says:

    Mike: you are fat, slow and stupid… are a MORON. A quality interviewer puts his personal agenda aside. You are not a quality interviewer!!

    1. James says:

      The fact that you comment on his weight shows how dim-witted you are. Stick to the facts! So if he was ripped, he would not be slow and therefore not stupid. Please Frank, learn how to leave quality comments.

  3. adam price says:

    OK Revis, so if you don’t play football you don’t know what the hell your watching, is what he’s basically saying. Talk about being clueless.

  4. Roy says:

    If Francessa thinks he is so right what he needs to do is call the ref who did NOT make the call and get his explanation…he is afraid that the ref will explain why he was riight and Francessa was wrong….he won’t do it because he won’t admit it..

  5. dan says:

    If you all listen carefully when mike was talking about when the corner job is harder now then it was in the past, that now you can basically not touch anyone. He says except for that one play, so he was the one that didn’t let it go the whole time.

  6. Terry says:

    Mike may be arrogant and egotistical but in this case he was right! Revis mugged the guy – and even if the ref didn’t call him on it, he still did it. Why are the Jets babying their players? Why did little Darrelle need a PR guy listening in – isn’t he man enough? I’m tired of these pro athletes who an overblown sense of entitlement and the morality of snails – it’s only wrong if you get busted!! Please!!!

    1. Tim says:

      OH terry I FEEL SO BAD FOR YOU!!!

    2. rickson52 says:

      It’s really all just a matter of semantics. If Mike had said “That should have been called a penalty.”, instead of “That was a penalty.” – no problem . If he had kidded him that way, I don’t Revis would have been as nasty. But really, just like I always told my kids: “If the ref (ump) calls a foul, it’s a foul.” Sometimes it goes in your favor, sometimes the other way. If Revis had just said,” Come on Mike, I can’t be saying I fouled him when the ref didn’t throw a flag.”
      Did anyone else think Mike had to pull the words out of Revis’s mouth during the whole interview? Before he blew up he sounded to me like he was half asleep.

    3. cliff says:

      huh? Then I guess Mike should be interviewing the referee who didn’t call the penatly? How many calls do other top players in the league get? Francesa had one goal in that interview and it was to try and embarass DR, since mke has a problem with the Jets. The Jets should ban all players and coaches from going on WFAN. Seems talk radio has gotten full of themselves and think they are more important than the game.

  7. Rich Dawson says:

    You can tell from the begining that Revis didn’t want to do the interview. His answers were brief and it seemed like they were making him do it, His answer to the pr guy kinda of points some evidence to the fact the Jets asked him to do the interview.

    For people that are saying Revis brought it back up is falsk. Listen again.

    After they moved on Francesa brought it up again when he was he said that cornerbacks can’t touch receivers in this league anymore and then he added “with the exception of that one play.”

    1. Efrem says:

      I agree. From the beginning you could tell Revis didnt want to be involved in the interview from his tone. I think he settled down after a while but Mike clearly agitated him further when he started referencing other people’s opinion on the call.

      Bottom line to me is this was an argument waiting to happen. If it wasn’t over the penalty call, it would have probably been over Mike’s take on what Rex said about San Diego.

      Both were wrong but Mike basically said what he was saying all week. I think Revis was a bit out of line. I expected a better attitude from him.

  8. Mark says:

    I finally caught the interview on tv after first hearing comments from fans. Francesa can be a tough interview at times, but it was Revis who was abrasive, not Francesa. He called Mike “clueless” because he wasn’t on the field, despite many observers who though it was a penalty. Revis is a professional athlete who acted unprofessionally.

    1. prstaff says:

      And francessa was professional starting an interview by telling revis that he mugged marshall.

    2. james says:

      seriously? Listen to it again objectively! Fatcessa brought up after switching topics.

    3. TIM says:


  9. PHIL CONNORS says:


  10. DEEMIXX says:


  11. James Monroe says:

    What I find ridiculous is all the people including FAN who are appalled that Francesa was hung up on. Francesa hangs up on his callers 20 times a day.

    1. goldtop says:

      Totally. I cant stand listening to Francesa. If a caller doesn’t agree with him, Francesa won’t let the guy speak. He does it all the time. Sometimes I listen just to see how big of an ass he can be. How can Revis be at fault when during the first 20 seconds of the interview he said that revis mugged marshall. Nice way to start an interview.

    2. Roundabout Steve says:

      Francesa not only frequent hangs up on people and is rude, he give people a chance to talk. He either interrupts before the caller is finished asking a questions and makes it about him or he berates them. Francesa rarely has a conversation with people..

      1. Roundabout Steve says:

        Francesa not only frequent hangs up on people and is rude, he RARELY gives people a chance to talk. He either interrupts before the caller is finished asking a questions and makes it about him or he berates them. Francesa rarely has a conversation with people..

  12. leo says:

    Mike has no couth in this regard, but Justin Tuck always comes on the station,even after that terrible lost to the Eagles. Tuck is a stand up guy, Revis should take notes, not to mention Tuck has a ring.

  13. mp says:

    How can this egotistical doofus say that “this is why I don’t talk to the Jets?” Francesa has to realize that he needs these athletes more than they (or the teams) need him. I’m a Giants fan and this still is annoying. CBS Move Beningo and Roberts to this time slot!!

    1. Chris says:

      LOL So who cares if he loses the Jets. Its the Jets. He gets so many more athletes then any other peson.

      1. Chris Deacon says:

        Like I said earlier. WFAN will care when all Jets fans flock to the other portly blowhard. IF and that’s a big if the Jets ever make the Super Bowl.

      2. goldtop says:

        Well that just leaves the giants and yankees. Basketball and hockey don’t count. And all he does is trash the mets and jets.

    2. Nate Medina says:

      No please, anyone but them, they are the worst!!! Wish the Herd was on all day ESPN. He is the best.

    3. John says:

      Another Giants fan here mp .. and totally and completely agree with you … I have had it with Francesa and his attitude towards all things NY sports that are not the Yankees .. he’s an apologist for them .. he is arrogant, chased Mad Dog off .. not that I was always a fan of his but at least you could debate him

    4. Jerry says:

      I agree! My ride home was much more enjoyable when Beningo and Roberts were filling in for Francesa. He’s a bufoon.

    5. Roundabout Steve says:

      Francesa ‘scomment that he doesnt talk to the Jets IS BULL. They don’t talk to him and also ESPN is the Jets’s radio station. He also said the Jets don’t talk to him because he’s too tough on the team and Rex Ryan. OK., them’s the breaks. Francesa speaks out of both sides of his mouth, again.

  14. jim says:

    I am embarrassed AGAIN to call myself a Jets fan. Previously it’s Rexs’ nonsense that embarrasses me. Hey DR….check your ego at the door!

    1. TEEJAY says:

      You are not a Jet fan then at all…Every Jets fan I know is happy the “DR” hung up on Fatty Franny….not embarrassing atg all!

  15. Frank Cerlian says:

    I wonder if revis uses

  16. Chris says:

    Mike that was great! That needed to be done so the Jets and their fans can come down to earth. All the respect I had for Revis went right out the window. The blame has to go to Rex Ryan who made a team full of unprofessional jackasses. How about the win a chamionship before ther talk smack. This is why the Giants are the big brother in this town. Hey Revis grow up and shut your mouth.

    1. Cliff says:

      what? I beleive mike wanted to interview Revis, so obviously mike wanted him to open his mouth – idiot.

  17. Chris Deacon says:

    Now although this may never happen, but it will be a great day if the Jets finally make the Super Bowl, and for two weeks, Mike D’ Up will be the only sports radio show that doesn’t have one member of the playing team on his show.

  18. G.HISS says:

    I believe these interviews with sports athletes should focus only on the positive results of their performance.Why be sooo critical.He was only trying his Best to help his team mates win.These guys,though paid alot of money are sensitive human beings also.They put their socks on one foot at a time,like every human being.Keep these interviews safe and non-confrontational.Inform us on the status of their family…How’s the wife and kids. These are the things us fans truely want to know.

  19. Rupert_Italy says:

    1. Francesa IS the reason why teams he doesn’t root for are broadcasted on The Fan. If it wasn’t for him they would leave for other networks. He’s the face of the radio, and rightly so.
    2. Whether the play was a penalty or not is beyond the point: the Jets are so bad a PR, they have a perfect fit in their head coach.

  20. Anthony says:

    Francesca the Jet hater could not simply move on. After the hang up, Mike says he was only kidding and was ready to move on. Nothing could be further from the truth. Revis states several times “lets leave it at that” but Mike cannot until he gets an admission of guilt from Revis. Post hang up, Mike makes no mention of his numerous classless offers to donate his big money to a Revis charity if he is proven wrong, all while he is only “kidding” with Revis. Mike’s problem with Revis is simply that Revis wears the wrong color laundry on Sunday, green and white. Maybe it would be different if he play for the team Mike roots for. Oh yeah I forgot he does not have a favorite team. A true football fan. My butt.

    1. Roundabout Steve says:

      Francesa lies.He denies what he says.. See his nonsense on the pitcher whom he never heard of with the first name Al. See Mushnick’s work..

  21. Joe K. says:

    Revis acted like a “good boy” when daddy told him to hang up. This is NY man, you’re the highest paid Jet. You gotta deal with the media, you can’t run away and cry.

    I’m a Jet fan since Richard Todd was the QB, and I love how Revis plays but this was babyish.

  22. David Mroz says:

    In actuality Mike is the only guy on the entire station who is not a complete met and jet homer. You’d think the Mets and Jets are winning franchises by all the press they get on fan.

  23. LT says:

    first of all, no one is addressing the fact that Marshal tripped and nearly fell into Revis. If the ref sees that the receiver trips and deems what happened incidental contact because of the trip then he pockets the flag. Revis intercepts the ball. End of play. second, Mike doesnt let Revis clarify the point. Mike laughs of the fact that Marshal tripped. If Mike engages Revis on that point and looks at the replay then you can talk about the ref pocketing the flag and move on. Mike was very jovial through out and missed the tone that Revis was taking and kept ribbing Revis. That’s Mike’s fault. As an interviewer he should have picked up on those cues.

    1. Roy says:

      Exactly!!! Well said….Francessa is a bully and a joke..

      1. Roy says:

        and another thing….did you ever hear Francessa call Phil SImms “Philby”/ That was a name fromparcells….Oh yea thats right..he isnt talking to Francessa anymore either….Francessa is like a schoolgirl..

    2. bobby de says:

      Thank you! You saw it the way I did. But, the interview is the whole story. Bowl of jello Francesa once again made a fool out of himself. His arrogance is getting worse and worse. He thinkis who he is. He repeats himself half a dozen times everytime he thinks he’s saying something significant. His behavior on the phone with callers is disgraceful but he gets away with it. His on air personality is all ego driven and it’s become very tiresome. He’s not a good listen and it’s about time the Fan recognized that more and more fans are tuning him out. And, Steve Somers, you shold be ashamed of yourself calling Revis a
      paranoid fool on your show. Your defense of Francesa was not warranted. Don’t get caught in the trap that Francesa is weaving for himself

  24. Dan says:

    Did any of you guys listen to same interview that I did?. Revis was the one who whould not let it go . Come on man any radio personality worth a listen has to elicit some kind of give and take opinion with a caller , guest,or intervew.

    So what if Revis was getting annoyed . Unless you guys are all related to Hellen Keller , how could you not see that mugging ?

  25. SeanyRiver says:

    Franny has lost ALL credibility covering the Jets because of his hatred of theJets and most notably the coach. THAT is very simple to see. Franny will NOT and cannot acknowledge he fact that Marshall was clearly stumbling forward into Revis on the play and the only thing Revis could do from getting bowled over was to gab some jersey. Franny brouht up the play again when he said ” except on that play” before Revis went back to the subject. Franny has lost alll credibility in his analyzation of the JEts.. . Do yo think the Jets would interview with Franny the way he acted towards the coach in training camp?? downright disrespectful. You have the floor Phill Mushnick

  26. SIKZippy says:

    I cannot listen to Mike anymore when it comes to the Jets. He clearly has a bias against this team which ruins his objectivity and credibility. I’m a Cowboy fan.

  27. bobby says:

    I personally think Mike is the worst but I have to back him up here.Revis sounds like a spoiled brain dead brat .Then to hang up very childish .It was the arrogant Mike talking to the brain dead Revis very hard to listen to .Revis is a real JERK…..

  28. Jeff says:

    Mike knew full well what he was doing when he started “Kidding around”. He kept on hammering Revis and Revis started getting pissed. We ALL heard this and so did Mike. He is always sticking out an “elbow” on subjects like the Jets and Mets. HIs ego has gotten way out of control to the point where sometimes I HAVE to turn him off. “To be honest with you” (which he says 1000 times a day) he gets delusional far too often. And to hear him say he didn’t think he did anything wrong proves my point.

  29. R. Ryan says:

    I listened to it live; very awkward! Basically 2 pompous arses each trying to gget the best of it.

  30. BIG POPPA says:

    mike is a jet and met hater period !!!!

    1. W. Cromartie says:

      you are right. BUT Revis was a jerk!

  31. Christopher says:

    MIke, I agree with about 90% of the things you say…. However as a professional broadcaster, you should’ve let it go after you offered your opinion and made your point. Revis is a grown man and professional athelete, but not as wise as you are in the interviewing field.
    Then to say that you were only kidding is a lame excuse to cover your tail.
    I’ve been listening to you since you took over over 20 years ago, but I’m very disappointed in you today.

  32. CV says:

    Mike is a jerk. And no, not everyone in the world thinks it was a penalty. And if Mike knew anything about football, he would know that there is always a little bit of incidental contact down the field. Revis’s touching did not effect the outcome of the play. It was a good non-call by the refs. Oh, but Mike knows more than the refs too I guess.

  33. Carton is a bungwhole says:

    Typical Jet can’t take the heat and hangs up. Francesca is doing his job and the big mouth cry baby Jets can’t deal with it. All day long you get the butt kissers like Carton praising the Jet’s like some 12 year old fanboyo. But when it comes time to discuss real issues, the Jets can’t take it. He’s just like his big mouth coach who doesn’t have an ounce of self control or professionalism. That is why the Jets will never be taken seriously. Even the Dolphins almost beat them. Can’t wait for SD to show them who is boss. BOYYYYYYYYYYYYY

  34. M Ellis says:

    Mike always dogs athletes because he is a frustrated non-athlete. He always has to show his butt this way. No wonder athletes don’t like to talk to the media because the media praises them, the setup, then hammers the athlete.

  35. dabooch says:

    Mugging is the appropriate word, not penalty. Revis is a hammer head, if he wasn’t playing football what would he be doing, being a Judge after the Jerry
    Springer show?

  36. tp says:

    Boy,I hope the Jets get HAMMERED Sunday! Go Chargers!!!!

  37. raj christian says:

    Fransesa has a core belief that he has the right to his belief because of what he saw but what we see on TV is never clearly what happens on the field Revis also has a belief that Fransesa is the enemy and that he and all Jets need to defend their turf the actions of the PR staff to break in is a example of this .

    This is a loose loose for everybody and and Fransesa should have used his skills to control the issue and the Jets should have let Revis grow with this because he will face this again .

  38. PeterOpp says:

    what should have come up in the interview and didn’t was the fact that the refs clearly decided to let Marshall and Revis go at it a bit. After Marshall’s comments during the week that he was going to play “like and monster” and “get kicked out by the second quarter,” the refs let them play more physically then they normally would. So, in my opinion, the pass interference rules for that particular match-up were broadened: Marshall was allowed to push off a bit, Revis was allowed to hang on a bit. No prob. Revis should have kept his head during the interview the same way he keeps his head on the field.

  39. Peter says:

    As an experienced interviewer Mike should of realized that revis was getting annoyed and testy. There reaches a point where your point is made and trying to get someone to agree with your opinion (wheter right or wrong) just becomes fruitless.

  40. Enough says:

    I hate the Jets (though I do think Revis is a great player).

    However, this interview as conducted by Francesa was a total disgrace. What exactly was Mike’s objective in hounding Revis like that?

    First, Revis has a point – Marshall fell into him. Having watched Revis play for years now, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen him commit pass interference in a situation like that. Not clear why Mike is so adamant it’s a penalty.

    But in any case, Mike was absurdly antagonistic. And his refusal to accept ANY blame in the aftermath for what happened – deplorable. His arrogance is really making it difficult to continue to listen to his show.

  41. Vamos says:

    No surprise here…typical Francesa antics

  42. MyAndrew says:

    Francesa was so unprofessional. He wasted 10 minutes of precious airtime with one of the best players in the NFL. Francesa if you listen to his show does repeat himself often. This was another example of that. What a waste of time. As a fan I want to hear new information direct from the player. Instead he wastes my time going on and on stroking his own ego, refusing to just let it go and move on. Francesa is such an idiot.

  43. angry pirate says:

    francesa is a giants fan and as usual a self righteous jerk. His show is painful to listen to. If bill parcels came down from the heavens and said on your knees francesa would make like a circus seal.

  44. Dave says:

    like revis said and i’ve been saying all week: marshall clearly trips over his own feet and is actively falling into revis – not looking at the ball mind you – while revis is tracking the ball the whole time. not a penalty.

    mike needs to chill off of his anti-jets schtick. hopefully this is a push.

  45. Chris Becker says:

    I love Mike, HOWEVER, To be honest..he did the same thing to Tiki Barber..trying to get him to admit his career as a news anchor was a failure. Tiki and his agent wouldnt agree, but it was awkward that Mike wouldnt move on.

  46. Ron says:

    Dean,Revis brought it back up…LOL
    Revis should act like a Man instead of letting his Mommy telling him to hang up..
    That was great…LMAO

    1. KC says:

      Revis opened the door by going back to talk about the Marshall play. They had moved on to talking Chargers. Francesca is a blowhard but in this case Revis and Jets come off as bad guys. All he has to do is say maybe I got away with one but things even out.

    2. Non Bussiness says:

      mike should be fired for egging him mon he got what he deserved or maybe mike should be fired for disrepecting all the guests he has on!!!!!!!!!

      1. TS says:

        To non business–Agree completely…like we all know Francesa kisses ___ to the Yankees, he rips the Jets every day- and he feels he can rip them even more this year! And he is waiting for a poor season to throw them under the bus- despite the fact that we’ve been one game short of the Superbowl two seasons in a row!! Somehow he says he wanted to move on w the interview despite arguing and laughing at Revis for over 5 mins!

        Move on Francesa, despite the fact that you know everything! Go talk about horse racing!

        To Chris Becker- I agree, except for the point about liking Fran,,,

        1. Danny says:

          You said it exactly….one BIG game short…….I believe the Yankees have won 6 championships since th Jets last won!!!!

  47. Richie says:

    Bottom Line…Pass interference..All the idiot Revis had to say was..maybe I got away with one…but…No…I `m the God all Mighty of Football Corner backs , I am a Diva and I make no mistakes on the football field…How dare you say it was a Penalty!!!From the coach down…Bunch of Suckers…Someone get Revis a Pacifier…

    1. Mark says:

      1st off Marshall tripped and fell into Revis. Revis did grab his jersey AFTER Marshall fell into him. Gruden didn’t even bring that up on the air during a dozen replays. Francesca is a BLOW HARD who bullies callers and guests and don’t get me started on why he thinks 9/11 happened. Haven’t listened to him in years due to the fact that he is a contemptuous, narcissistic Bully.

  48. Shaybabes says:

    Quite thin skinned for the best defensive cornerback in the league. While Francessa can be antagonistic at times, he was doing his job. I blame both men for this interview gone awry!

  49. Danny says:

    Great cornerback, but a thin-skinned baby!!!!

  50. Dean Speir says:

    Fransesa was being a jerk! And his post-hang-up comments on air, in an attempt to justify his conduct were disingenuous and self-important.

    He was attempting to elicit “a story” out of Revis to boost his own profile (and that’s all right) but clearly the ballplayer was getting annoyed and if Francesa couldn’t sense that, the Jets’ P.R. guy could and wisely, if inartfully, intervened before things got uglier.

    For Francesa to insist he was just kidding around, was stupid on his part!

    And no, I’m not a Jets fan.

    1. Non Bussiness says:

      Mike never is KIDDING AROUND he shuld be fired !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He always attacks people who he does not root for he hates to talk to them And hates that the mets are broadcsrted on wfan. He would rather see them on some other station Too bad mike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Chris says:

        Come on. It has nothing to do it. Jets dug their own grave.
        Fired? He is the face of wfan. This interview is why people listen. If you don’t like then don’t listen.

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