NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A Con Edison supervisor jumped onto subway tracks save a man just before a train pulled into the station Saturday.

Jonathan Kulig was standing on the platform of the L train at Third Avenue on his way to work Saturday.

Kulig, 29, saw the person fall onto the tracks.

Kulig jumped into the tracks and hoisted the man out of the watery space between the tracks. He hoisted him onto the platform and climbed out. About a minute later, the train arrived in the station.

“The one thing I can completely say that I’m completely confident about is that if I didn’t pick him up, that train would’ve got him. Cause there weren’t really anybody else that was jumping down to do anything. He probably wouldn’t be around.”

Kulig said he knew exactly where to stand in the tracks to avoid the third rail because he’s an electrical engineer.

It’s not clear what caused the man to fall. He was taken to the hospital by emergency responders.