NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) —  April is the time many of us decide to tackle the clutter and gear up for spring cleaning.

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And now that you’ve made more space, retailers are hoping you’ll take advantage of discounts and go on a shopping spree.

They say everything has its season, and April is definitely the season for discounts.

If you don’t need to own the newest model, smart shopping expert Trae Bodge says April is a tech lover’s dream.

“Around April, May is when you start seeing all the old merchandise kind of shifting out, and the new merchandise coming in,” Bodge said.

Tech sales mean savings for shoppers looking for Bluetooth speakers, headphones and protective cases.

“Especially in April, tech accessories are deeply discounted and then sometimes you can even find something good like a tablet on sale,” Bodge said.

April’s also a good time to stock up on automotive needs. Amazon is offering five quarts of motor oil for $13, and two wiper blades starting at $18.

“In town, if you want to look around, go to your auto supplies store you’ll find good deals,” Bodge said.

Just in time for spring, home and garden department prices are also marked down.

“They’re definitely going to incentivizing  you to come out and shop with them, so weed killer, raised garden beds – things like that at your Home Depot, your Lowes stores,” Bodge said.

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This time last year, Bodge said she saw deals on children’s books and board games.

“There was a $15 American Girl mini-doll that was a huge sale,” Bodge said. “So that’s very rare for American Girl, so we can only keep our fingers crossed that we’ll see a similar deal this year.”

And if what you need isn’t on this month’s “things to buy,” here’s a solution:

“A lot of these great savings sites offer these deal alert features. So you set a deal alert and then you’ll get a little pop up when there’s a great sale,” Bodge said.

While there are a lot of deals out there this month, experts say if you’re looking to buy mattresses or large appliances, wait until May when the prices drop.