NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Local prosecutors and police are taking aim at a gun bill in the U.S. Congress.

They fear if it’s passed it will increase danger on the streets.

As CBS2’s Tony Aiello reported, it’s called the ‘Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act.’ Two local Republicans — Tom MacArthur of New Jersey and Lee Zeldin of New York — are co-sponsors.

It would force states to honor gun carry permits issued by other states.

It was inspired by the case of Shaneen Allen who had a carry permit in Pennsylvania, but was busted when she brought her gun into New Jersey.

Governor Christie eventually pardoned her.

Supporters say concealed carry reciprocity will end a confusing patchwork of laws.

“It’s a horrible system, no way to learn all the different gun bans,” Philip Van Cleave, VA Citizens Defense League said.

Critics see it differently.

“What the bill intends to do is shocking. It is dangerous,” Manhattan District Attorney, Cyrus Vance said.

Vance is leading a coalition aiming to defeat the bill, saying it would destroy state and local governments’ ability to craft gun laws appropriate to their needs.

“What we do want as a responsible local government is to maintain our right to have sensible standards and keep a proper vetting process in place,” New York City Police Commissioner, James O’Neill said.

Prosecutors and the NYPD are on one side, the NRA is on the other, and the gun lobby is putting its muscle behind the measure and counting on President Donald Trump to sign if it passes.

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  1. You recognize my out of state drivers license, you should accept my weapons license as well. I have been thoroughly vetted with background checks, fingerprinted, and trained. Was honorably discharged from the military and trained in firearm use.

    My second amendment rights “shall not be infringed”. Know your history

  2. Robert Smith says:

    Notice it is the wonderful liberal cities and states who are balking. We honor driving licenses from all. I feel there should be some minimum standards established for both driving and gun carry. I have a permit and it is a pain to check every state you might be going through. The District of Columbia is by far the worst, you can go to jail for having an inert bullet on a key chain or in your car. I know I will get grief but “Constitutional carry” allows anybody not convicted of a felony to carry. Same for allowing troops/veterans carry without any further training. It is a lot different deal in Iraq than the mall. One of my biggest gripes is having to risk a Federal Offence by having a secured pistol in my vehicle driving through or visiting a military installation, thereby being unprotected coming and going. But hey our past “leadership” said just take off your military hats, shirts and stickers, then you are safe.

  3. if they are going to have states recognize each others permits then we also need one set of gun laws re: where they can and cannot be carried.

  4. Bunny Music says:

    More guns only means more problems!!!!

  5. If states have to accept gay marriage licenses issued in another state, why not this?

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