NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The officiating in Monday’s night’s NCAA championship game was a “disgrace,” WFAN’s Mike Francesa said.

The sports talk host on Tuesday blasted the refs in North Carolina’s 71-65 win over Gonzaga for turning the contest into a “whistle fest and a foul fest with really just unbelievable calls.”

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“It was just a fitting end to a tournament that, in my estimation, the officials ruined from start to finish, and they saved their grandest work for last night,” Francesa said at the start of his show. “That was an abomination.

“And on top of that, these three clowns — and that’s what they were last night — blew call after call at the end of the game,” he said.

Among the questionable calls:

“They gave Gonzaga a ball, saying it was off Carolina — a ball that never, ever touched the player’s hand,” Francesa said. “The problem was there was a foul on the play.”

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With 50 seconds left in the game and the Bulldogs trailing by one, the officials called a jump ball, with alternate possession going to North Carolina, after a scramble on the floor. Only one problem: Replays show that the Tar Heels’ Kennedy “Meeks has got his hand out of bounds as he’s holding onto the ball.”

“They didn’t go to the monitor when the game was on the line, though, and they missed the biggest call of the season,” Francesa said.

To listen to the segment, click on the audio player above.

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