NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — LaGuardia Airport has issued a new rule that “for hire” vehicles, including Uber, are not allowed to pick up directly outside terminal B.

LaGuardia has moved the pickup location to a centralized spot accessible by shuttle bus, the airport said Wednesday.

As CBS2’s Dave Carlin reports, the new rendezvous spot west of the terminal is about a ten minute walk away.

The new switch caused some confusion for commuters.

“Get on the bus — he acted like I was an idiot because that because I didn’t know where I was going,” Wanda McMann told CBS2.

Uber Driver Jose Francisco was shown where to park and wait for his rider to come to him.

“Well the only difference they have to take the bus coming over here and we have to come in from there,” Francisco said.


LaGuardia Airport is also warning travelers to allow extra time for parking, security and check-in from April 5 though April 17 due to an influx of travelers through the Passover and Easter holidays.

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The larger goal is to help ease congestion as construction continues in the busy Queens location.

Video from February shows cars stuck for hours and passengers so desperate they walked in traffic — some for miles — to get to their flights.

Orlando businessman Rob Topping is optimistic the new plan could work. He says he landed, went to baggage claim, and had no trouble finding a shuttle bus to the lot where his driver was waiting.

“Uber people get on a bus and we come over here,” he said. “It doesn’t seem like a big deal.”

“Let’s see how it’s going to work,” Uber driver Hany Habib told CBS2.

Habib and others are giving this experiment a try, hoping confusion and the dreaded construction go away in time.

LaGuardia Link Q70 buses will be free for commuters through April 17, and long-term parking will be available onsite for $18 a day.

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For more information follow @LGAairport on Twitter or check their website for Spring travel tips.

LaGuardia Airport says it expects more than 800,000 travelers to visit the airport throughout the upcoming week.


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