BOONTON, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — An uninvited guest recently crashed into a home in New Jersey.

As CBS2’s Meg Baker reported, a turkey left a trail of destruction in Boonton, just days after another bird crashed into a car.

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Boonton resident Karen Crochery was going about her morning routine Tuesday, about to sit down next to her large picture window to eat breakfast.

“All of a sudden, I heard this loud crash — and I couldn’t imagine what was happening,” Crochery said.

Then she saw it.

“And I came out of the kitchen and couldn’t believe that there was a turkey standing in my house,” Crochery said.

Crochery was still visibly shaken after the huge bird crashed through the double-plated window, leaving behind a dangerous mess of glass.

“I’m still trying to process what’s happened. I love nature like anybody loves nature, but not in my house. Not in my house,” she said. “And the damage that it’s done is just – I don’t know how to clean this. I don’t know what to do with this.”

Crochery said she has seen wild turkeys across the street on the church’s property, but never did she expect to see one up close inside her own home.

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Crochery dialed 911 and snapped a few pictures. At that point, there was another surprise.

“I just remember like a, ‘Whoosh! and this huge span, and you go, ‘Oh, God!’ and all of a sudden, he was out the window,” she said.

Crochery is not alone when it comes to near misses with turkeys. Another giant bird swooped down and got stuck in a pregnant mother’s car in Paramus.

Wildlife expert John Nesti said during mating season, turkeys are more aggressive and gobble to challenge other males.

“My guess is this turkey was up in a tree, was gobbling, was hearing the echo thinking it was another turkey,” Nesti said. “They have great vision – probably saw his reflection up in the window, and after sitting there long enough, got angry; decided to take him out.”

With more than $6,000 in damages, the cleanup process has begun.

“From far away, they’re really beautiful, but not in my living room; not in my dining room,” Crochery said.

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Crochery is looking into safety glass for her front window. Animal Control has not located the turkey since it left her home.