NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Drivers in Brooklyn were recently caught on camera breaking the rules while continuously rolling through a stop sign, and frustrated residents say they’ve had enough.

As CBS2’s Jessica Layton reports, its seems like everyone’s in a race to get around in Bay Ridge.

“Yeah, it does worry me,” one man said.

At least at the intersection of Colonial Road and 80th Street, where over and over again CBS2 cameras caught drivers blatantly ignoring one of the most basic rules of the road.

“It bothers me, it really does bother me,” one woman said.

Some offenders are much more obvious than others.

“There was just a stream of cars blowing through a stop sign,” Bay Ridge resident John Tomac said.

Tomac got so fed up he posted a video to Twitter, capturing cars carelessly and endlessly gliding — and in some cases speeding right through the stop signs at a three-way stop.

Even those getting around on two wheels are a problem.

“You try to complain about these things to the City Council, the police department, and others and it just seems to fall on deaf ears, “Tomac said.”

CBS2 brought the dangerous driving issues to the attention of the NYPD and got action. An officer was seen barely getting a break from writing tickets during rush hour Wednesday.

One driver claimed that he stopped at the sign even though he was caught on camera blowing right through it. When confronted, he said he was going to be more careful next time.

Tomac says he’s counting on it.

“I don’t want to get hit by a car and I don’t want my kids to get hit by a car,” he told CBS2.

Neighbors say the solution is simple — people need to pay attention and actually obey these signs. Until that happens, they welcome the extra police presence.

The NYPD tells CBS2 they are now addressing the dangerous driving problem. Fortunately, there have been no recent accidents in the neighborhood.