NEW YORK (WFAN) — Mike Francesa had a special guest for his entire show on May 16, 2016: Bill Simmons.

Among the many topics the two discussed was Simmons’ new HBO show, “Any Given Wednesday,” and website.

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“One thing for me just trying to figure out what I was going to try to do after ESPN, I’d become more and more intrigued by TV, just because there’s so many people online,” Simmons said. “Like I’ve had my column since 1997, and there’s so many people who write blogs and write columns and write features and are on Twitter and have podcasts and things like that. There’s just a lot of noise right now, and it was becoming harder and harder and harder to stand out. And with TV, TV’s always going to matter.”

To listen to the segment, which also includes a discussion about gory movies, click on the audio player below.

Francesa also asked “the Sports Guy” about his new website,

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“A little more reactionary (than Grantland),” Simmons said. “We’ve going to have tech this time. We’re a little younger this time, and we have to react a little bit better, and we’re going to do social a lot better. The Internet really changed this decade.”

To listen to that clip, click on the audio player below.

Francesa and Simmons also discussed gambling, Jimmy “The Greek” Snyder and the Boston Celtics.

Francesa also told an interesting story about how Bill Parcells was on the verge of cutting future Super Bowl hero Adam Vinatieri in 1996.

To listen to that segment, click on the audio player below.

Check out other highlights from the show below.

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