Perry, the founder of New York Street Food, brings you his latest review on New York City street food.

We pride ourselves on being one of the most knowledgeable people about street food in NYC, but occasionally, a food truck slips through the cracks. Burger Warrior is one that evaded our notice for quite some time, but that dilemma was recently solved.

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The next question (our favorite to ponder) was what to order. There were four main burger choices on the menu, including a veggie burger option, and they also had a chicken schnitzel sandwich.

As with most food trucks these days, there were options for nearly every aspect of the sandwich, including the burger itself. The main burger was beef, but they had bison and wagyu beef burgers for an extra few bucks. There were choices for toppings and fries too. About the only thing you couldn’t choose was the bun, which was fine, because it was a soft and eggy brioche bun.

We chose the Warrior Burger for $9 and added a side order of fries for $2. Truffle fries were available for an extra $3.

The Warrior Burger was nice and spicy from the jalapeños, pepper jack cheese and “spicy warrior sauce”. We don’t usually think of spicy food when ordering burgers, but this one worked well. It wasn’t so spicy that our mouth burned, but it did tingle a bit.

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All the other toppings helped balance out the spiciness of the Warrior Burger, especially the caramelized onions and pickles. There was also lettuce and tomato available, although we asked for no tomato on ours.

(credit: Perry R.)

The burger itself was cooked to medium, with pink in the middle. It wasn’t the biggest burger around, but was a decent size for lunch.

As for the French fries, we generally prefer thin fries, but they served regular size fries here. The fries were a little crunchy and lightly salted. We like our fries even crispier, but at least the fries from Warrior Burger were not wimpy (pardon the Popeye pun!)

We did appreciate the addition of a side order of fries to any sandwich for $2. Some burger trucks make you order burgers and fries separately. Not only does it cost more money, but it’s usually too much food for lunch. A side order of fries for $2 with any sandwich is more in line with the amount of food we want, as well as the amount of money we want to spend for lunch.

Sorry we didn’t come across Burger Warrior sooner, but now that we did, they will definitely be another option. The ingredients were fresh, the food was well prepared, and the service was friendly. What more can you ask for?

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You can find Burger Warrior on Twitter here and on Facebook here.