NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The Rent Guidelines Board held a preliminary vote on Tuesday, and recommending increases for 1-million rent controlled units in the city.

The board recommended a 1 to 3 percent increase on 1-year leases, and a 2 to 4 percent increase on 2-year leases. They will hold a final vote on June 27.

Advocates have been calling for a freeze, but the Rent Stabilization Association — which represents 25,000 landlords — cited increased operating costs in asking for a hike.

The RSA recommended a 4 percent raise on 1-year leases, and an 8-percent hike on 2-year leases.

“Over the past three years, owners of rent-stabilized apartments have experienced an increase in operating costs in excess of 11% – and that’s according to RGB data,” said RSA President Joseph Strasburg, “There is no rationale for a third consecutive rent freeze, other than carrying out Mayor Bill de Blasio’s political agenda in an election year. Small landlords will be front and center in the months ahead at the RGB’s public hearings, showing that a fair rent increase is necessary to pay for property taxes that de Blasio raises every year, and to repair, improve, maintain and preserve the affordable housing they provide to their tenants.”

An attorney for the Legal Aid Society called the vote ‘deeply disappointing.’

“Board members must have a foggy memory of landlords cashing in with big increases for twelve consecutive years under the previous Administration. Given that necessary context, the freezes of the previous two years have only begun to provide some breathing room for rent-strapped tenants,” Adriene Holder said, “We hope the Board comes to its senses over the next several weeks after hearing from low-income New Yorkers in every borough on how any increase could put them seconds away from homelessness.”

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  1. Fritz Pazyk says:

    Why are the news organizations NOT reporting about the over 1/4 billion dollars in MCI (non benched marked capital improvements that permantly increase rents , even after the so- called improvement is paid off ); increases on tenants ; just in 2016 ?!? This is either sloppy , shallow reporting or real estate sponsored news !

  2. I was there tonight and from the very beginning I smelled sellout. When the tenant reps asked for 0-2%, I said WTF? For the last 2 years they said “rollback,” but not this time. What happened to their integrity? What was the selling price, I want to know. Mayor de Blasio, you just lost your re-election, in case you don’t know it. Did your appointees to the Board sell out to the landlords so you could get real estate support? I know they have deep pockets but you were supposed to be an advocate for the little guy, the average NYC citizen, not greedy landlords like Donald Trump. Shame on the Mayor and shame on the so-called “tenant reps” on the Rent Guidelines Board. Can you spell S-E-L-L-O-U-T?

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