HARRISON, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — There’s a new wave of water workouts taking over gyms in the Tri-State area.

More gyms around the country are offering water exercise classes, getting people in the pool and pumped up for a challenging workout.

CBS2’s Jamie Yuccas gave it a try in Harrison where high intensity exercises usually done on land are now being brought to the water at Life Time Fitness.

“I think when people see it they’ll be excited to try it,” said Olympic swimmer Cullen Jones, who is taking the newest and most intense class at the gym, Speedo Water Extreme.

“The level of intensity, the tools that we’re using, the toys that we get to play that’s what makes it different,” class participant Assia Winfield said.

Instructors say water exercises aren’t just good for your joints but it also helps restore sore muscles.

“When you bring it into the pool you can still have the intensity without the same level of compressive forces to the joints, so you can do it more frequently and not feel as beat up,” said Rob Glick, senior director of group fitness programming at Life Time Fitness.

There are also yoga classes, but it’s anything but tranquil, Yuccas reported. The workouts make a splash, even on someone like Eric Betz who works out 6 days a week.

“It was actually really, really tough and challenging for an athlete like myself,” Betz said.

The class uses yoga boards and it’s meant to supplement traditional land based workouts, while still working key muscle groups.

“I don’t have to say connect to your core, because if you don’t connect to your core you’re going in the water,” Glick said.

It appears many gym goers are having fun diving into the new routines.

The gym says its aqua classes are up in enrollment 10 percent year over year.