NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Memorial Day weekend may be the unofficial start to summer, but the weather isn’t exactly cooperating.

At Jones Beach, waves pounded the shoreline and winds howled as the anemometer measured the speed at 28 mph Thursday.

“I’m tired of it, tired of the rain,” said Anthony Coronas, who decided to enjoy the view of the beach from the comfort of his car on Thursday. “I just want the sun and to be on the beach right now instead of the car.”

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Robert Arnold of Massapequa used his car as a shield from the wind.

“I was making a phone call, I was trying to keep out of the wind and the elements,” said Arnold.

Friday’s weather won’t be as bleak, but it will be a stark contrast to the beaming blue skies captured last year at the start of the holiday weekend, CBS2’s Vanessa Murdock reported.

The drizzle didn’t stop crews from getting Jones Beach ready for the big holiday weekend. Men were unloading life guard stands, and crews had already graded the beachfront.

“We have the sand back on the beach. It accumulates by the lots during winter,” he said.

Inside — out of the elements — the beach shop was already fully stocked, and the concession stand was open.

Starting Friday, they’ll be flipping burgers as crowds welcoming summer swarm the shore.

Pilots prepping Friday for the Bethpage Air Show will likely have to fly through the clouds and maneuver around showers.

But by Saturday as people gather to watch the Thunderbirds and soak up some sun, the weather will be way better but likely way cooler than beach lovers prefer.

“The forecast believe it or not will keep attendance down a little bit unfortunately,” said George Gorman, deputy regional state parks director. “So we’re not expecting a record crowd but still it’s going to be a great weekend. We are expecting a good crowd.”

Gorman said on average the air show attracts about 200,000 each day — Saturday and Sunday — but are expecting to see less than that this year.

Many people will also line parade routes this weekend to remember and honor the brave men and women of our military. While Monday’s weather isn’t looking perfect, Old Glory’s colors won’t run in the rain.


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