NEW YORK (WFAN)Robert O’Neill, the Navy SEAL who killed Osama bin Laden, visited the WFAN studios Friday to discuss his life in the military and that fateful night in Pakistan in May 2011.

“I turned to the right, and then 3 feet in front of me was Osama bin Laden standing there,” O’Neill recalled during an appearance on Mike Francesa’s show.

O’Neill said he was concerned bin Laden might be wearing a bomb and knew he needed to act fast.

“I remember shooting Osama bin Laden three times, moving the wife to the bed,” O’Neill said. “And I remember seeing (bin Laden’s) 3-year-old kid and thinking, as a father, that poor kid’s got nothing to do with this.”

After he fired the shots, O’Neill thought to himself: “Is this the best thing that’s every happened (to him) or the worst?”

“What’s going to happen now? Because I killed bin Laden, and people are going to find out,” he said. “The word spread really, really fast.”

O’Neill recently released a book titled “The Operator: Firing the Shots that Killed Osama bin Laden and My Years as a SEAL Team Warrior.”

To listen to the interview, click on the audio player above.


  1. Greg Gadfly says:

    Another much more deadly attack is coming!!!

    The FBI and DEA are corrupt trash.

    Federal employees of our nations law enforcement and intelligence
    agencies regularly steal from suspects and their employers.

    I have complained to the FBI and to the San Francisco Attorney
    General’s office about the rampant stealing from suspects with no change.

    The problem is that so many employees are involved that there could
    never be any resolution to the stealing. You have FBI, DEA, etc… managers
    who have compromised themselves in the past by stealing from suspects.

    The FBI and DEA have taken it up a notch… they have been using
    threats and attempts of murder to cover up the stealing.

    I was writing software for the NSA when I noticed the problem.

    I contend that the rampant stealing compromised the whole of law
    enforcement and intelligence in that it allowed Al Quida to stay and
    train in the United States without the worry of being discovered.

    People like Lancaster, John Li, Denis Reed, James Lee, etc… of Milpitas Ca.
    were stealing from their suspects and also might have been involved
    in providing cover to the 9/11 hi-jackers.

    The real reason the CIA was kicked out of Italy…
    Employees of the CIA and DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) were
    tried and convicted in absentia for running an extortion ring. They
    were using the treat of being sent to Guantanamo prison to extort money from
    suspected terrorists kidnapped in Italy.

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