JERSEY CITY, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — New video is raising concerns Wednesday about the way an innocent man was treated after surviving a fiery crash in Jersey City late Sunday.

He escaped the crash only to be kicked by the police officers responding to the scene. The allegations are so serious, even the city’s mayor is commenting.

The victim’s brother tells CBS2’s Andrea Grymes he wants justice after what happened.

Wild Police Chase Ends In Fiery Crash In Jersey City

It looked like something out of an action movie, but it was all too real. The fiery crash was caught on video, showing a person covered in flames and frantically rolling out of the wreckage.

The officers are seen approaching the man on fire with their guns drawn before one kicks him to the ground. At least one other joins in, then they eventually drag him into the street.

This, after a wild police chase through the streets of Jersey City came to a fiery end. According to the Hudson County Prosecutor, the man on fire had nothing to do with the crash — he was an innocent victim caught up in the chaos.

“I was screaming ‘help him out, help him out’,” witness Erik Roberto said. He shot the cell phone video late Sunday night on Route 1 and 9 near Tonnelle Avenue in Jersey City.

He said he was about to run to the man on fire — 28-year-old Miguel Feliz — but then saw the police.

“When I see the cops approaching, they start kicking him and grabbing him, pulling him out of the way,” Roberto said. “They made a huge mistake treating this guy that way, and he wasn’t the one they was chasing.”

Authorities say Jersey City Police had been pursuing 48-year-old Leo Pinktson, who they tried to pull over after he allegedly got into at least two crashes along the way.

He eventually collided with a utility pole — and Feliz — who had been driving another car.

Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop tweeted regarding the video, saying “2 b clear. This is unacceptable. We’re IDing officers. We’ll pursue termination + criminal charges as appropriate.”

Feliz’s brother did not wish to go on camera Wednesday evening. He told CBS2 he wants justice after what happened to his brother, who remains in intensive care and is having surgery Thursday.

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  1. Where’s your quotes from the police officers involved, there perspective?

      1. James Daily says:

        Police union said officers were trying to put the flames out and if anyone buys that then I have some swampland to sell real cheap, it’s a paradise,

  2. Tim Ogden says:

    I like the pun in the title. Nice work!

  3. James Daily says:

    If they did that to an Innocent man just think what they did to the guilty one, poor people in TENNESSEE are so scared of Tennessee police that calls to poor neighborhoods are down so much that police just sit around playing cards and scratching.

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