AVON-BY-THE-SEA, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — As a startling wake-up call heading into the summer season, a total of six people had to be pulled from the water at Tri-State Area beaches while trying to beat the heat on Monday.

Marcus Swinson witnessed a scary sight at Avon-by-the-Sea Beach Monday afternoon, when at least two women were pulled from the water near Garfield Avenue. He says one of them didn’t seem like they were breathing.

“All I saw was them getting drug out, the woman was like not breathing,” he told CBS2’s Valerie Castro. “Another had a cardiac arrest or like a seizure and everybody was holding her down and it looked like they did a few rounds of CPR for the one girl.”

2 People Rescued From Water Off Beach In Rockaways

Police say three women in all were taken to the hospital in one of several incidents Monday, serving as a reminder that the waves can be a dangerous place heading into the summer.

At Orchard Beach in the Bronx, a seven-year-old was pulled from the water by his own mother and taken to Jacobi Medical Center. The City Parks Department says he was in an area closed off to swimming.

Later in the day, a helicopter had to be called in to help a man and woman at Rockaway Park, where police say they were 100 feet from the shore near 138 Street when they found themselves in danger.

Emergency crews rushed to the beach with fire trucks and a stretcher with a rescue boat not far off-shore.

With beach season almost in full swing, it’s important to enter the water at your own risk.

“The waves weren’t really strong, so you got to just be careful out there,” Swinson said.

Town officials say lifeguards in Avon-by-the-Sea have only been working weekends since Memorial Day. They’ll be on duty seven days a week starting June 17.


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